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YRDSB Homestay/Custodianship Program IES
YRDSB Homestay/Custodianship Program


YRDSB Homestay is full for new students applying for the September 2020 semester.
Applications received before February 7, 2020 will be accommodated.
Please consider applying to CHN Homestay or MLI Homestay.


Our Commitment 

Understanding the personal well-being of our international students is crucial to their academic success while studying abroad. The Homestay/Custodianship Program takes pride in its commitment to providing caring, reliable and trust-worthy homestay families for its visiting students well located to their schools.

If homestay is required, a homestay/custodianship application must be submitted along with the academic ​application​​.


The Homestay/Custodianship Program is available to students attending Grade 9 to Grade 12.

Visiting Students

Accommodations for visiting students will be arranged in safe and secure family homes, well located to schools and public transportation.


  • Families who undergo a Police Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Detailed, host family electronic profiles, including photos
  • Maximum two YRDSB students per home
  • Three meals per day, plus snacks and refreshments
  • Supervised, safe and secure environment
  • Close proximity to schools
  • Warm, caring English-speaking environment
  • A toll-free, 24-hour emergency telephone number available to all students and  host families 
  • Dedicated YRDSB staff to monitor students regularly in school and in the home
  • Dedicated YRDSB staff available after school hours for non-emergency matters

Selection Process

  • Family members: All homestay families undergo a detailed interview in their homes designed to evaluate their suitability for hosting international students.

  • Home environment: General living spaces including bedroom, bathroom, and laundry facilities are inspected and photographed.

  • Limited hosted students: Only YRDSB students participating in the YRDSB Homestay/Custodianship Program can be hosted in the home.

  • Police Vulnerable Sector Screening: All homestay family members 18 years and older undergo a police check by the York Regional Police to ensure they have no criminal record of any type.

Matching Students with Families

International students and hosts are matched according to their personal needs and preferences.


Regular monitoring of the student and host family ensures that they are adapting well. A toll-free, 24-hour emergency telephone number is provided to both the student and their hosting family.​​​​​​​​​​​ In-home and school visits are conducted alternating months by dedicated staff.

A dedicated academic team is available to students to respond to their concerns and inquiries and will:

  • visit students, in school, monthly to monitor academic performance
  • monitor school attendance daily and follow-up as necessary
  • telephone parents, in their home country, to share student concerns
  • email status reports to parents (mid-term, and final report cards)

YRDSB Homestay/Custodianship Fees

Service ​​Fee
*  ​Homestay ​& Custodianship ​$15,000
(school year (10 months), 2 semesters)
*  Homestay & Custodianship ​$15,750
(school year (10 months), 2 semesters + 2-weeks orientation)
​** Application Fee ​​$ 300
A request to withdraw from the YRDSB Homestay & Custodianship Program must be made in writing by the student’s parents and approved by the Principal. When the student moves from the home, all obligations and responsibilities for the student are relinquished. The Homestay Placement Fee and Custodianship Fee will not be refunded. A financial penalty equal to five months of the homestay fee will apply. A refund must be requested in writing, followed by the completion of the Refund Request Form.
*Refundable when visa is denied


Information for Students

Every host is different, just as every student is different.

What our hosts have in common is that they want to provide a safe, caring environment. We choose hosts who will provide a comfortable, healthy and supportive home life they provide for their own children.​

While we try our best to find a home within walking distance from your school, this is not always possible and you may have to take public transportation from your home to school.

A positive homestay experience will largely depend on a positive attitude. How  to make the most of  the experience of living in Canada? Come with an open mind and be ready to embrace the ways in which Canada and the people you will meet here are different and unique. Host families are eager to help students adapt to their family and Canada.

The first few weeks of living in a new country with a new family can be difficult. Feeling homesick and frustrated with a new environment and the language is common. Patience is required to allow for an adjustment period to new surroundings. We encourage constant, and open communication with the host family and staff of International Education Services when support is required.

Every student enrolled to attend the York Region District School Board will receive an invitation to complete an online orientation program through the Pre-Arrival Learning (PAL) Program. We strongly encourage the completion of this on-line module which will provide more information about living in York Region, Ontario, Canada.


 Contact Details


International Education Services
Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning
36 Regatta Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4R1
T 905 884 2046 ext. 237​

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