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Homestay Programs Available IES
Homestay Programs Available

​The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) is committed to providing students with caring, reliable and trust-worthy homestay accommodations to support their academic success. YRDSB and its partners are excellent homestay choices for international students.

Benefits of Selecting YRDSB Homestay Services or a YRDSB Homestay Partner Organization

  • Host family members are security screened
  • Students/parents receive host family electronic profiles, with photographs
  • A maximum of two students are allowed per home.
  • Three meals per day, including snacks and refreshments, are provided
  • Living environments are safe and secure
  • Homestay is located within close proximity to schools
  • Host families are English-speaking
  • Students are monitored regularly in the home

Selection Process

  • Family members: All homestay families undergo a detailed interview in their homes designed to evaluate their suitability for hosting international students.
  • Home environment: General living spaces, including bedroom, bathroom, and laundry facilities are inspected and photographed.
  • Limited hosted students: A maximum of two students are allowed per home; however, when selecting YRDSB, two YRDSB students are allowed per home.
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Screening: All homestay family members, 18 years and older, undergo a police check by the York Region Police to ensure they have no criminal record of any type.


Regular monitoring of the student and host family ensures they are adapting well. A toll-free, 24 hour, emergency telephone number is provided to both the student and their hosting family.

Homestay Programs Available

Explore the homestay options available to you:

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