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Modern Learning on Air (MLonAir)
Modern Learning on Air (MLonAir)

The MLonAir Podcast highlights YRDSB teachers and students sharing their innovative projects, events, and new learning that support the goals outlined in the Director’s Annual Plan (DAP)The MLonAIR Podcast launches on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019. You can find and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play and other podcasting apps.

Students from Beckett Farm P.S. were given early access to the podcast episodes. After listening to the episodes, students created infographics​ to capture the essence of the podcast messages. 

Please contact Jen Giffen ( or Stephanie Weyrich ( for more information or if you have stories you would like to share on future episodes.​ Follow #MLonAir​ on Twitter.



School: EJ Sand P.S.
Title: Edsby Captures it all....& more!
Segment Description: Our podcast will feature our journey using Edsby Capture in our Kindergarten classroom. Our students take responsibility and document their own learning in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way while building on their skills and strengths. We will share our experiences as we explore how to elevate student voice in our classroom using Edsby Capture and a few more tools!

School: Henderson Avenue P.S.
Title: Provoking Inquiry through Genius Hour!
Segment Description: Our Segment will take you to our Genius hour journey. Genius hour allowed the students to explore their own passions. It also added engagement, creativity, curiosity, elevate their voice in learning and decision making. Students were in control what they want to learn, how they study, how they showcase their learning to their peers. The teacher worked as a facilitator throughout the process. 

School: Silver Pines P.S.
Title: re-Designing Science
Segment Description: Grade 8 students engaged in a design thinking project for their Fluids Unit, focusing on the use of hydraulics and pneumatics. They had the opportunity to design, iterate, and build a prototype of their choosing. The reflection and thinking that developed was beyond anything expected. Students began to understand and embrace failure; and even started celebrating it.  This failure was quickly accepted as success, as students learned that without it, their designs could not have been developed. 

School: Kleinburg P.S.
Title: Well-Being at KPS
Segment Description: This podcast will take a look at Kleinburg Public School's recent "Continue the Conversation" week of events provided to the community in support of promoting Mental Health and Wellness. We will explore the initiative, the roll-out of events, hiccups and challenges faced as well as feedback from event administrators and students.

School: Fossil Hill P.S.
Title: Making Student Learning Visible at Fossil Hill P.S.
Segment Description: After their teacher attended a Digital Literacy Network (DLN) workshop, students and staff at Fossil Hill P.S. learned how to use EquatIO and Flipgrid. Students were eager to learn and became the “teachers” with their peers. When students were interviewed about EquatIO in a DLN video, they stated that they felt more confident, and that it helps them with their thinking.  The students have also said that using Flipgrid feels safe to them. This technology learning has enabled my students to not only be leaders with a voice, but has helped them to understand that modern learning can be flexible for other academic areas.

School: Oak Ridges P.S.
Title: I am A Story
Segment Description: This podcast will focus on sharing personal narrative stories that support our sense of belonging at Oak Ridges P.S.

School: Vaughan S.S. 
Title: Voices of Vaughan
Segment Description: This podcast will focus on various initiatives at Vaughan S.S. to elevate and respond to student voice.
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