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Learning Styles and Course Exploration
Learning Styles and Course Exploration
Learning Styles
Who am I?

     What are my personal learning styles?
Do you know how you learn best? The different ways we process the information we learn are called learning styles. We use a variety of learning styles at one time or another and sometimes we have preferences.
Understanding your personal learning styles will help you with:
  • study skills
  • communicating your learning needs to your teacher
  • making decisions about course selection
  • exploring careers
Learning Style Inventory
To explore your personal learning style, complete the Learning Style inventory on Career Cruising. You will have the opportunity to re-evaluate your learning style through the completion of your Individual Pathways Plan.
Course Exploration
What are my opportunities?

What do I want to try?
Have you ever thought about taking a course to learn about….?
New Language
Computer Technology
Child Development
Fashion                           and more…
Secondary school is a great time to explore different courses that interest you. Each year you will choose elective options. You may discover an interest that could lead to a potential career. Check your secondary school calendar for more information about courses offered at your school.
Not sure what you like or dislike? Try Matchmaker & My Skills on Career Cruising to find what careers match up with your interests.
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