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Renaming of Vaughan Secondary School
Renaming of Vaughan Secondary School
The York Region District School Board invites students, staff and Vaughan community members to submit names for consideration in the renaming of Vaughan Secondary School.

At the September 15, 2020 Board Meeting, York Region District School Board trustees voted unanimously to rename Vaughan Secondary School following the presentation of a report on renaming the school

As a Board, we are committed to taking every opportunity to champion equity and inclusivity:

“York Region District School Board (YRDSB) is committed to eliminating all forms of racism, hate, and discrimination. It is working to rid schools and workplaces of systemic racism including anti-Black racism and elevating the experience, perspective and excellence of Black students and staff. This commitment is clearly expressed in the Board priority to Champion Equity and Inclusivity”  - Louise Sirisko, Directo​r of Education, YRDSB, September 2020

The renaming of the school will be initiated in accordance with Board Policy #445.0 , with the consultation to follow a two-step process as follows:

Step 1:  Submiss​ion of names for consideration

  • Stakeholders and community members will be invited to participate in the renaming process and submit names for consideration.
  • Outreach will include but not be limited to students and families, alumni, staff, Board advisory committee members, community groups and associations, as well as the broader Vaughan community.
  • Names submitted through the Vaughan SS Renaming form for consideration will be received beginning November 1 and closing on November 30. 
  • Name submissions received during Stage 1 will be reviewed and narrowed to a list of three or four based on the renaming criteria defined in the policy.
  • As per Board Policy #445.0, names that are submitted for consideration need to represent the criteria within the policy.


Step 2:  Virtu​al Town Hall 

  • Stakeholders and community members will be invited to participate in a Virtual Town Hall, to be held in February.  Participants will have the opportunity to provide input on a shortlist of names being considered, as well as to engage in a process that will narrow down the list to a single name.  The recommended name identified through this process will be brought forward to the Board for approval in April 2021.

Our intention is to ensure that there is a meaningful and inclusive consultation process.  We look forward to selecting a new school name which represents the input from the school community, and aligns with the Board’s Mission, Vision and Values. Your voice matters!

To submi​​t a name for consideration, please use the Vaughan SS Renaming form.
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