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YRDSB Response to Minister of Education
YRDSB Response to Minister of Education

At the January 11, 2017, Board Meeting, Trustees approved the following response to the Minister of Education’s letter to Trustees.

Below is a summary of the action items as outlined in the letter from the Minister of Education.

Summary of Action Items - Investigation into Allegations of Islamophobia

Item Number​ Action Items​ ​Proposed Timelines
​1 ​Review of Board policies with investigative components by the Policy and By-Law Committee

In progress

  • Circulation for feedback March and April 2017
  • Scheduled for further discussion at the May 2, 2017 Policy and By-Law Committee Meeting
Rebuild relationships in and with the school community [affected by the Facebook posts].  We fully support utilizing restorative measures in the community and will provide a facilitator in this community to those open to the process.

​Ongoing and as needed


​3 ​The Board Chair and local Trustee attended a school council meeting to address the confusion and concerns surrounding the allegations and to clarify Board policy. 


​4 ​Ongoing dialogue in the school community to foster better understanding continues.



Summary of Action Items - Sense of Systemic Racism

Item Number​ Action Items​ ​Proposed Timelines
​5 ​The Board Chair, Vice-Chair and the local trustee(s), where applicable, will meet with concerned parents and community members in order to build trust and better understand their concerns.

Initial Outreach Complete/Ongoing


Develop a plan for improvement that incorporates constructive input from all stakeholders.

  • The plan for improvement will include, but is not limited to, the creation of a York Region Equity Strategy, leveraging the work of the Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee (EIAC) and identifying training needed by all levels of staff.


​7 ​Communication about how the Coordinating Superintendent of Equity and Community Services and Superintendent of Well-being roles will support equity and inclusivity within our board.


February and March 2017

​8 ​Appropriate communication with trustees on emergent issues including major allegations of racialized or inequitable behaviour.


​9 ​Professional development for trustees on governance will be arranged to clarify what questions trustees can ask and what information can be shared confidentially with trustees in order for us to properly fulfill our accountability role.

​In progress


​10 ​The Board has identified equity as a foundational practice and will continue to provide and encourage training and continued professional development opportunities for staff. 


​11 ​Professional development for trustees and senior staff on the issues of equity and racism within our society, particularly within the education system. 

​In Progess

  • A service provider has been identified
  • A meeting to discuss the presentation has been scheduled

​Commitment to further ensuring student understanding of the tools and supports available to them.


​13 ​An independent, third party audit of our equity practices. 

In progress

  • Out for Tender: Mid to Late March 2017
  • Field work: six weeks
  • Results and internal review: Early June 2017
  • Audit Committee: September 2017

Summary of Action Items - International Travel for Board Members

Item Number​ Action Items​ ​Proposed Timelines
​14 ​Trustees will ensure proper follow through on all details of professional development and jurisdictional learning policies.


​15 ​Trustees will consider guidelines for international travel outside of jurisdictional learning. 


  • Discussed at the February 13, 2017 Policy and By-Law Committee Meeting.
  • Additional review of policies related to trustee and staff professional development scheduled for consideration at the April 4, 2017 Policy and By-Law Committee meeting.
​16 ​Staff will create a page on the public web site to highlight most recent learning related to jurisdictional learning.



​17 ​Briefing meetings will occur between senior staff and trustees to share jurisdictional learning results and knowledge internally.


February 27, 2017

​18 ​Increasing communication and understanding amongst trustees on individual professional development choices.


  • Discussed at the March 28, 2017 Chair's Committee meeting
  • Additional discussion scheduled at the Paril 4, 2017 Policy and By-Law Committee meeting as part of the policy review on jurisdictional learning and travel


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