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How to Create an Account for Program Registration - Instructions for YRDSB and Non-YRDSB Parents

These instructions are to assist Non-YRDSB parents in the creation of an Edsby account for the purposes of program registration. These instructions can also be used by YRDSB parents for the same purpose if they have not been invited to create an account by their school. 


If you have NOT created an Edsby account, request an invitation by selecting Register for a new Edsby parent ac​count.
Screenshot of Register for a new Edsby parent account

You will be asked to enter your email address. YRDSB parents should use the email address you have on record at your child's school if possible  and click Submit.
Screenshot asking to enter your email address

At the specified email address, you will receive a message containing the invitation link to create an Edsby account. 
screenshot of the email that parents will receive

Click on the invitation link and the following page will open. Select I don’t have an Edsby parent account
Screenshot of invitation link to select I don't have an Edsby parent account

​Enter your contact information and set a password.
Screenshot of entering your contact information and set password

Your Edsby Account has been successfully created!  You will now be directed to your Edsby home page.​​

* Your username is the email address you provided.  If at any time you forget your password, please go to the YRDSB Edsby website and click the Can't log in? link to reset your password. 


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