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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are important resources which govern the operation of York Region schools. They provide belief statements and operating guidelines for parents and staff regarding the administration of program, property, student, staff and Board matters.  

It is the expectation of the York Region District School Board that all employees, students and persons invited to or visiting Board property; or partaking/volunteering in Board or school-sponsored events and activities will respect the policies and procedures of the Board. The term "parents" refers to both biological/adoptive parents and guardians in all Board policies and procedures.   

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IndexTitlePolicy Last Reviewed
470.0Alternative Arrangements for School Facilities2015
408.0Appointment of Architects2014
237.0Appointment of Community Members to Board Committees2022
194.0Appropriate Use of Technology2023
NP414.0Art Projects (Working Document)2016
301.0Arts Education2023
305.0Assessment, Evaluation and Communication of Student Learning and Achievement2013
103.0Awards, Non-Monetary Student Awards, Monetary Student Awards, Staff Awards, Recognition of Staff Service (Working Document)2015
NP410.0Before and After School Care Programs2015
202.0Board Advertising2023
203.0Board Advocacy2023
285.0Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents (Working Document)2021
NP403.0Bus and Driveway Safety2013
668.0Caring and Safe Schools2023
NP411.0Change of Use of Room and Change of Room Number2009
620.0Community Involvement Hours (Working Document)2023
412.0Community Use of Schools (Working Document)2023
222.0Conflict of Interest2019
325.0Continuing Education2022
NP611.0Data Sharing with Children's Aid Societies (Working Document)2015
211.0Director of Education Performance Review2018
212.0Director of Education Selection2018
182.0Distribution of Materials: External Organizations2018
NP418.0Dividing Partitions (Working Document)2014
305DRAFT-Equitable Assessment, Evaluation and Communication of Student Learning and Achievement2023
195.0Electronic Monitoring2023
215.0Electronic Participation in Board, Advisory and Board Committee Meetings (Working Document)2023
NP419.0Elevating Devices - Lifts and Elevators2012
669.0Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management (Working Document)2023
NP420.0Emergency Wash Stations (Working Document)2016
235.0Environmental Responsibility and Reusable Beverage Containers2016
261.0Equity and Inclusivity (Working Document)2022
NP323.0Exemption from Core French: Grades 4 to 92019
180.0External Research2019
422.0Facility Partnerships2021
642.0Field Trips2022
NP210.0Fifth Disease2013
601.0First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education2020
Procedure NP #135.0Food Services2022
NP324.0French Immersion2014
109.0Full Day Kindergarten: Registration and Accommodation and Kindergarten Supported Entry and Extended Day2015
NP109.0Full Day Kindergarten: Registration and Accommodation and Kindergarten Supported Entry and Extended Day (Working Document)2014
NP433.0General Chemical Use Fume Hoods2012
540.0Health and Safety - Employees2022
218Healthy Learning Spaces for Students (Working Document)2023
NP336.0Home Instruction2015
240.0Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination2019
NP645Immunization of Students (Working Document)2015
223.0Indigenous Student Trustee2022
158.0Information Access and Privacy Protection2022
NP138.0Insurance: Personal Liability, Property Damage and Student/Visitor Injuries2015
545.0Intellectual Property, Copyright and Professional Services (Working Document)2021
NP140.0Invoicing for Services2018
409.0Licensed Child Care in Schools and Security for Licensed Child Care and Before and After Programs in Schools2018
NP442.0Lock-out/Tag-out Devices2015
NP335.0Lunch Period Responsibilities - Elementary (Working Document)2014
NP110.0Media Resource and Equipment Loans2015
196.0Misappropriation or Misuse of Board Resources2023
NP656.0Ontario Student Record Management2017
350.0Outdoor Education2014
238.0Parent, Family and Community Engagement, Community Advisory Committees, Supporting Community Fundraising Events2023
275.0Partisan Activities and Campaigning (Working Document)2021
663.0Partnerships with External Agencies for Provision of Services by Regulated Health Professionals, Regulated Social Service Professionals and Paraprofessionals (Working Document)2023
155.0Payment of Accounts2018
536.0Performance Appraisal Process2019
NP430.0Portable Stages, Risers and Platforms (Working Document)2014
570.0Pregnancy, Parental, Adoption, Infant, Child Care Leaves2018
353.0Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for Day School Students2022
354.0Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for Mature Students (Working Document)2022
NP681.0Prolonged Absences from School2016
463.0Pupil Accommodation Review2016
161.0Purchasing and Purchasing Cards2019
160.0Records and Information Management2015
532.0Recruitment and Promotion2022
NP672.0Registering Children in Care2015
610.0Reporting Children in Need of Protection (Working Document)2023
NP355.0Request for Psychological Consultation and/or Assessment2015
NP370.0Required Learning Media (Working Document)2014
665.0Safe Arrivals and Departures - Elementary and Secondary Students2023
NP357.0Satisfactory Instruction at Home (Home Schooling) (Working Document)2014
262.0School Councils2023
NP638.0School Dances2015
676.0School Fundraising and Administration of School Generated Funds (Working Document)2022
NP460.0School Grounds Enhancement Projects2013
445.0School Names, School Names: New Schools, and School Names: Renaming Schools2022
152.0Severe Weather2020
NP168.0Signing Officers2023
NP464.0Snow/Ice Clearance and Removal2015
NP360.0Special Education Identification, Placement and Review Committee2015
NP358.0Special Education: Screening and Identification of Gifted Students (Working Document)2015
530.0Staff Members Who Are Candidates for, or Elected to, Public Office (Working Document)2022
577.0Staff Progressive Discipline2018
242.0Standards of Conduct (Working Document)2023
NP674.0Student Accident Insurance2008
108.0Student Accommodation - Attendance Areas and Student Transfers2021
462.0Student Accommodation - Sites and Facilities2015
635.0Student Dress Code2014
675.0Student Exchange Programs2022
662.0Student Health Supports2020
672.0Student Leadership and Student Voice2023
163.0Student Registrations2021
680.0Student Transportation2021
221.0Student Trustees (Working Document)2022
671.0Student/School Fees2022
366.0Supervised Alternative Learning2019
267.0Supporting Community Concerns2020
NP405.0Surveillance Systems (Working Document)2014
465.0Tendering Capital Construction and Maintenance Projects2018
461.0Tobacco and Smoke-Free Environment2019
270.0Tributes (Working Document)2022
220.0Trustee Services2020
NP679.0Use of Private Motor Vehicles for Student Transportation2014
NP477.0Use of Schools for Tutoring2014
250.0Violence Prevention and Intervention and Non-Code Workplace Related Harassment - Employees2021
280.0Volunteers in our Schools2018
NP543.0Working at Heights2012