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Summer Institute Registration

Summer Institute Registration

Note: if the student does not attend a YRDSB day school and is an international student, registration must be completed through the International Education Services Office and not online.  You may reach them by email at or by telephone at (905) 884-2046 ext 237.

Gene​ral Tips:  

  • Use of a laptop or desktop is highly recommended over a mobile device. 
  • a “work” computer may have a firewall set up to prevent use of applications like ‘PayPal’
  • you may have to enable ‘cookies’ for Edsby and PayPal to work
  • if there is a Pop-up blocker set, please disable it to ensure all windows will be accessible


Once your Edsby account is activated, select the Registration link​ and login to Edsby with your email user name and password and follow the instructions below:  

On your Edsby home page, click on Registration Campaigns.Edsby Homepage highlighting the Registration Campaign

Select the Summer Institute Registration 20YY campaign.

Select the student's current day school from the dropdown list.  

Example of current day school dropdown list


Student Contact Information

  • Begin typing the student’s home address in the ‘Address Search’ field and select the address to auto-populate the address fields.
  • Home Telephone – this field is mandatory, so if there is no home phone number, enter the best contact number.  Telephone numbers are entered as 10 digit numbers with no spaces, dots or dashes.

screenshot of Student Information

Student Medical Information

  • ​If applicable, you may enter up to 5 medical conditions.  If you need to add more, complete your registration and contact the Summer Institute office to provide more information.  
  • If the student’s medical condition is not listed, select Other and provide details in the Remarks field.
  • There is a carries epi-pen’ flag for each medical condition.
  • Level of independence questions – these questions serve to help in the assessment of the student and what supports may be required.  
Example of Medical Information page in Edsby


Parents, Guardians and Emergency Contacts

  • At least one Parent/Guardian contact type is required in order to proceed.
  • If you are a parent/guardian, please add yourself as a contact.
  • An Emergency Contact is recommended, but not required.
 Example of Add Parent, Guardian Emergency contact button
screenshot of Emergency Contact information
Summer Institute General Information
  • ​Select the daycare options that you require here.  If you require extended care (AM/PM or both), a separate registration is required.  
  • Placement Requests – you may enter up to 3 students’ names with whom your child’s schedule may be coordinated.  Best efforts will be made to accommodate these requests, but there is no guarantee.  
Example of General Information


Programs and Dates

  • ​Select the program and school from the ‘Program’ dropdown list for the week that you would like.
Example of Program Information
  • A new window will appear containing a list of programs and schools that are both age-appropriate and that have spaces available for the selected week.  
*If a program is NOT listed here, it is because there are either no spaces remaining or because the student is not the appropriate age for the program.

  • If you would like to delete a selection, go to the dropdown list and click Clear at the bottom right corner of the programs list window
  • You may select multiple weeks and programs for the same student here.  
**A space in the selected program will not be confirmed until payment is completed.  


Choose Electives

  • ​Elective activities are not applicable to all programs and they may vary by site.  If electives are applicable, you will select 10 choices in order from most desired to least desired.  Best efforts to accommodate the selections, but they are not guaranteed.
Example of Choose Electives information

Pay Application Fees

A summary of the selections you have made that are eligible for payment will appear. Click Prev to go back and change the week/program/elective selections.  Otherwise, click Add to Shopping Cart to proceed with payment.
Example of Pay Fees

Here you will have 3 options:
1. If you would like to continue, click Proceed to Checkout.
2. If you would like to remove an item, click Remove. 
3. If you would like to include registration for another student in the same transaction/payment, click Register Another Student and these items will remain in your shopping cart.
Example of the Pay Fees Information


My Shopping Cart

  • ​You may still cancel an item at this point by checking the box for the item and clicking on Cancel Selected Item.  
  • To proceed with payment, click PayPal Checkout. 
Example of Shopping Cart 
You will be directed to the PayPal site where you will select one of the following payment methods:

a. Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)
b. PayPal Account
*Note that you do not need to have/create a PayPal account to pay by credit card. Simply enter your credit card details and billing information.

  • ​​The credit card must not be expired.
  • The billing information must match what is currently on file with the credit card company.
  • The credit card or paypal account must have sufficient funds.
  • Your payment transaction is secure and confidential.  Both Edsby and YRDSB have no access to the payment information that you have provided.
After entering your credit card/PayPal account information, click ‘Pay Now’ to submit your payment.

Example of Pay Now button
When your payment has been completed, you will be sent a confirmation email directly from PayPal.  Now you will be redirected to Edsby to the Registration Complete page where you will find a summary of the fees that have been paid.


Registration Complete

  • ​You may print this page by clicking Print as a record of your payment and you will receive an email containing these details from Edsby.
  •  You may also click Select Additional Programs if you would like to add more Program weeks for this student.
  • If you paid for more than one students’ fees in one transaction, you will be redirected to an empty shopping cart.  You may click ‘Return to Registration List’ where you will find a list of all students you have registered.  
  • Select the student and you will be directed to the Registration Complete page for that student.
Example of Registration Complete