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Complaint Referral HRCO
Complaint Referral
The standard process for filing a human rights complaint with the HRCO is through a referral. However, someone may also contact the HRCO without a referral.

An example of this might be a situation where an individual may not be aware that the matter should have been reviewed by an appropriate YRDSB staff member or unit. In the case of a YRDSB employee who is a member of a union, the member should bring the matter to the attention of their union representative. A parent or student issue should be brought to the attention of the school principal at first instance.

HRCO Complaint Referrals

A complaint may be referred to the HRCO in instances where the:

  1. Matter has not been resolved; or
  2. It has been determined to be an exclusive human rights matter

It should be made clear that human rights concerns can be addressed and resolved at all levels within the Board.

Complaints Outside of HRCO's Jurisdiction

The HRCO will not manage a complaint under the following circumstances:

  • It is determined that the matter is clearly not a Code-based complaint;
  • A parallel process is underway and has not yet concluded;
  • The matter was previously dealt with under another process;
  • The human rights complaints process is not the correct process; or
  • The human rights component of the complaint is subordinate to the main issue.
​​In instances where the HRCO is contacted directly, a complainant will be asked for their reason.​​​​​​
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