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#407.1 Customer Service Standards HRCO
#407.1 Customer Service Standards

Plain Language Guide to Policy #407, Accessibility
Section 4: Customer Service Standard​s ​(Procedure #407.1)

The Customer Service standards were the first and most extensive accessibility standards to come into effect. In the same way, Procedure #407.1 has the most information because customer service applies to everyone.

The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service online training gives information and best practices on how to interact and provide accessible customer service to people based on their disability-related needs. The compliance training also outlines how the Board is meeting each of the customer service requirements under the AODA.

Q: What is the Boar​​d’s formal feedback process related to accessibility and/or barriers?

A: ​An electronic reporting tool known as Barrier Buster is available for anyone in the YRDSB community to give feedback or report on any barrier that prevents a person with a disability from accessing Board programs, services or facilities. The Barrier Buster Protocol describes the feedback process in more detail.

Q: What is the B​oard’s position on assistive devices?

A: The Board welcomes anyone who needs to use an assistive device or equipment to access Board programs, services and/or facilities. Students and staff with disabilities may use assistive devices provided by the Board based on their Individual Education Plan or Individual Workplace Accommodation Plan. Visitors are free to use their own personal assistive devices to support any disability-related need(s).

Q: What is the Board’s pos​​ition on support persons?

A: The Board welcomes all visitors who need a support person to access Board programs, services and/or facilities. A support person could be a paid professional, a volunteer, a friend or a family member and is different from a Board employee (such as an Educational Assistant) who provides support services to a student.

If a support person is involved in a meeting where confidential information is being shared, a Parent/Legal Guardian Consent for Support Person form must be completed. A support person must also be notified in advance for any Board-related event where the support person will be required to pay to attend the event.

Q: What is the Board’s​ position on service animals?

A: For non-school locations (such as Board administrative buildings), the Board welcomes all visitors who require a service animal to support their access to Board programs, services and/or facilities, unless it is against the law to have the animal. All visitors are responsible for taking care of their service animal while on Board property.

For school buildings, Board Procedure #662.14 Student Use of Guide Dogs, Service Dogs or Service Animals outlines the process for formally applying to have a guide dog, service dog or service animal support the disability-related learning needs of a student in a classroom setting or at a school-related event.

Q: How does the Boar​​d address disruption of services?

A: If any service normally provided to people with disabilities is not available, a Disruption of Service Notice must be posted and include the following: information about the reason for the disruption, the duration of the disruption, and any alternative facilities or services that are available.​​​​​​​​
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