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#407.2 Information and Communications Standards HRCO
#407.2 Information and Communications Standards

Plain Language Guide to Policy #407.0, Accessibility ​
Section 5: Information and Communications Standards
(Procedure #407.2)

​​How the Board creates and provides different types of accessible information and/or communication supports for people with disabilities.

Q: What are my responsibilities regarding accessible documents or formats?

A: All Board-approved content, documents and resources (whether in print, digital or multimedia) must be posted or provided in an accessible format1 and/or with appropriate communication supports. This includes all web content, library resources, student records, and information on programs or courses.

Q: What if some Board content and documents are ​not accessible?

A: We understand that not all Board documents and resources are in accessible formats. However, any request for an accessible format needs to be met within a reasonable amount of time and with no added costs to the person making the request.

If a request for an accessible format or communication support cannot be met, the staff responsible for that information or communication must give an explanation and a summary of the information to the person who made the request.

1 Accessible formats are alternative ways of presenting printed, written, or visual information to a person based on their disability-related needs, and may include, but are not limited to: braille, captions, large print, and screen reading software.

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