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#407.3 Standards for the Built Environment HRCO
#407.3 Standards for the Built Environment

Plain Language Guide to Policy #407, Accessibility
Section 4: Standard​s for the Built Environment ​(Procedure #407.3)

How the Board will create barrier-free facilities and ensure that all built environments that are new or newly renovated comply with the AODA as well as the Ontario Building Code.​

Q: What is the difference​ ​between AODA and Ontario's Building Code requirements?

A: The AODA’s Design of Public Spaces standards apply to mostly outdoor spaces (such as recreational trails, outdoor play spaces and accessible parking). Ontario's Building Code was updated in 2015 to address accessibility for mostly indoor spaces (such as elevators, special washrooms and automatic door openers).

The Board is responsible for meeting the requirements under both the AODA and Ontario Building Code for any newly constructed or renovated schools and/or Board administrative buildings. It should also be noted that best practices for accessible built environments go far beyond the minimum accessibility requirements under the Ontario Building Code.

A full list of all accessibility work started and/or completed on YRDSB schools and buildings are included in the Board’s Annual Accessibility Reports.

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