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#407.4 Employment Standards HRCO
#407.4 Employment Standards

Plain Language Guide to Policy #407.0, Accessibility
​Section 7: Employment Standards (Procedure #407.4)​

How the Board provides accessible workplace practices for current and potential employees with disabilities.​

Q: How are current employees with disabilities supported?

All current YRDSB employees are informed of the policies and procedures used to support employees with disabilities, including Board Policy and Procedure #218.0, Healthy Schools and Workplaces.

Information about individual workplace accommodation plans and/or return to work plans is available under Board Procedure #218.5, Healthy Schools and Workplaces: Disability Management Program – Staff. All decision-making about job performance, promotions and/or reassignment will take into account any relevant workplace accommodation plans for employees with disabilities.

Q: How are potential employees / applicants with disabilities supported?

All applicants are notified that accommodations are available throughout the hiring process, as outlined in Board Policy #532.0, Recruitment and Promotion. If requested, accommodations will be provided after consulting with the applicant and based on their disability-related needs.

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