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Barrier Buster

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What is Barrier Buster?​​

​Barrier Buster is an electronic reporting tool that allows members of our Board community to communicate any barriers within the learning and/or working environments of YRDSB.

Where can I find the Barrier Buster reporting form?

The Barrier Buster reporting form can be accessed and completed from the Board homep​age​​ (under "Online Tools" on the right navigation buttons​), or directly below.

School administrators have also been asked to share communication regarding Barrier Buster with their school communities to raise awareness of this process.

Barrier Buster process​

​We invite you to identity and describe any barrier(s) that may be preventing you or someone you know with a disability from fully accessing services, facilities or opportunities offered in our Board.

The Barrier Buster team, which is comprised of members from the AODA Advisory Committee, will:
  1. Review submissions regularly throughout the year;
  2. Determine actions to remove barriers where appropriate​; and
  3. Report progress in the Annual Accessibility Reports.

Take a moment to complete the  Barrier Buster Reporting Form below (please note that if no contact information is provided, we will not be capable of following up on the submission):​​​

Barrier Description
If you are willing to discuss this barrier with members of the Accessibility Planning Team, please indicate your name, phone number and e-mail address below.

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