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Code of Conduct 202
Code of Conduct
Students are expected to demonstrate behaviour that is respectful and courteous at all times. This includes demonstrating respect for each other and our communities. These expectations are indicated in Ontario’s Code of Conduct.
The Ontario Code of Conduct sets clear provincial standards of behaviour for students, teachers, parents, volunteers and other staff members whether they are on school property, on school buses or at school-authorized events or activities.  The following standards of behaviour have been adopted by the York Region District School Board and Aurora High School:   
All school members must:
  • respect and comply with all applicable laws and Board policies;
  • treat one another with dignity and respect at all times;
  • respect the rights and property of others;
  • take appropriate measures to help those in need;
  • respect persons who are in a position of authority; and
  • respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and teaching.

Students should not be in the halls during instructional hours.  Students may go to their lockers five minutes prior to the beginning of a class. Stairwells should be kept clear.  Groups of students should respect requests by staff to disperse.  Consumption of food and beverages is not permitted outside the cafeteria.

Electronic Devices

The use of devices should be limited during the school day.  As a courtesy to others devices are to be turned off at all times.  Students are permitted to use electronic devices in instructional areas with clear teacher permission.  The school is not responsible for personal items that go missing at the school.  All devices are to be off during assemblies and for guest speakers.
Please note that laser beam pointers are extremely dangerous and have caused eye damage.  Possession of a laser pointer may result in a suspension.
Policies and Procedures
Accidents at School
All injuries must be reported immediately to the classroom teacher, to the person supervising the activity, or to the main office. Students are asked not to leave a victim unattended, nor move a seriously injured person.
Announcements are read daily. All announcements must be signed by a staff member and be submitted to the office by 8:00 a.m. on the forms provided.  Only emergency announcements, with the approval of an administrator, will be made at other times.
Anti-Racism and Ethno-cultural Equity Policy
The York Region District School Board recognizes that principles of anti-racism and ethno cultural equity shall permeate all aspects of its organizational structure, policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure that barriers to equity shall be identified and eliminated.
Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
At the start of each semester, teachers will provide students with a written course evaluation policy.  Formal examinations are held in January and June as indicated in the planning calendar.  Students must write their exams on the scheduled day/time.  A student who misses an exam must provide the school with a medical certificate.
Report Cards will be issued four times during the school year:
                        November         Mid-semester Report for Semester 1       
                        February          Final Report for Semester 1                
                        April                  Mid-semester Report for Semester 2                 
                        July                   Final Report for Semester 2
The report card contains separate sections for reporting attendance, for recording comments about the student’s achievement of curriculum expectations and for evaluating the student’s learning skills in each course.
Students with mobility issues may require an elevator key.  Keys may be obtained from the Main Office.  A refundable deposit will be required when the key is issued. 
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