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Personal Property 202
Personal Property
Lockers are school property on loan to students.  Students are expected to:
  • take responsibility in the care of their locker
  • keep it locked, using only a Dudley combination lock, which may be purchased at the school
  • register their locker number and lock combination with the Main Office.
The school has the right to search lockers and desks, without notice to or permission of any person.  In addition, police may be invited onto school property to conduct their own searches which may be conducted without notice or permission.
Personal Property
Students should not bring large amounts of money or valuable personal property (MP3s, cell phones, iPods, camera/video equipment, jewellery) to school. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Under no circumstances should money or valuables be left in the Physical Education change rooms.
Retiring from School
Students who choose to retire from school are asked to see a Guidance Counsellor.  An information package outlining various options will be provided.  All textbooks must be returned to Guidance and the textbook card destroyed.
Smoking is prohibited on Aurora High School property and on adjacent property within sight of the school.
What Will Happen If You Are Found Smoking on School Property
The incident will be reported to the Main Office and the student may be interviewed by an administrator.
Should there be a second incident; a notice will be faxed to the York Region Health Services.  An enforcement officer may interview the student within 30 days.  Students under the age of 16 may receive a summons to appear in court.  Students over the age of 16 may be served a ticket in the amount of $305.00.  The fine for sharing a cigarette is $365.00.
Textbooks are on loan and students are financially responsible for lost or damaged books.  Textbooks must be returned to the subject teacher at the end of each semester, or if the student drops a course.  At that time, the textbook card will be returned to the student.  If the school has the textbook card, then the textbook has not been returned.  Students must return or pay for any lost textbooks before writing exams.  If a student does not return or pay for a lost textbook prior to the exam, he or she will be referred to the main office.  The main office may ask for collateral to be held until restitution has been made. 
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