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Last Revision: February 2016
Article I – Name and Address
1.   The organization will be known as Aurora Heights Public School  
     Advisory Council (AHPSAC). The members of the school council 
      Shall be responsible for maintaining the constitution.
Aurora Heights Public School
85 Tecumseh Drive Aurora, Ontario
 L4G 2X5
905 727-6902 
Article II – Mission Statement
Our school council is a partnership amongst, parents, staff, community, and students. Our goal is to advance student achievement and well-being by actively promoting a positive learning environment which will enhance the quality of our student’s education.
 Article III – Purpose and Objectives
The objective of the Aurora Heights Public School Advisory Council will be to:
  • create and maintain an environment which is conducive to improving student learning and school effectiveness;
  • enhance lines of communication among parents/guardians, administrators, teachers and children in the school community;
  • provide a forum for input into educational matters for members of the school community,
  • provide a vehicle for transmitting parental ideas, recommendations and concerns to school board committees or the board itself’
  • provide advice on the development, implementation and review of school plan for the continuous improvement;
  • provide support for school, family and community partnerships that assists parents in the education of children;
  • sponsor additional programs, such as educating the Council on how the school board operates, and;
  • assists in the building of a viable school community which works together in the interest of education at Aurora Heights Public School.
 Article IV – Procedures and Operating Guidelines
1.   The Council will operate without financial gain for its members. Any profits will be used to promote Council initiatives. The Aurora Heights Public School Advisory Council will operate any fundraising activities in strict accordance with board policy under the guidance of the school administrators.
Article V – Officers and Council Membership  
1.    The council must consist of 6-12 parent or guardian members who have children attending the school.
2.   As well, the council will consist of a minimum of a community representative, one teaching staff member, the principal, and a support staff member.
3.   The Executive may consist of a Chair (a parent), a Vice-chair (a parent), Treasurer and a Secretary.
4.   At the discretion of the Chair (elect) and the Vice-chair (elect), they may decide to proceed as Co-chairs or as Chair and Vice-chair. In the case of the latter, the candidate who received the most votes will become the Chair and the runner-up will become the Vice-chair. 
 Article VI – Election of School Council Members
Time Period
1.   The election of school council members shall be held during the first 30 calendar days of each school year, on a date that is established by the Chair or Co-Chairs of the school council after consulting with the principal of the school.
Election Procedures for Parent Members
1.   Each parent/guardian seeking election must be nominated or self-nominated in writing, must have a child registered at the school, and must declare if he or she is employed by the Board.
2.   Each parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school shall be entitled to one vote for each vacant parent/guardian membership position on the council
3.   The school council shall strike an election committee in May, to help plan the election process, the gathering of nominations, and the running of the election. The election committee shall:
·         Provide nomination forms;
·         Ensure that the school community is notified of the election procedures and election date(s), location, and time, at least fourteen days in advance of election;
·         Request a profile from all candidates and make these available to the electorate;
·         Conduct the elections by secret ballot;
·         Count the ballots;
·         Help the principal notify all candidates of the results;
·         Keep all the results and related information confidential;
·         Only release the names of the successful candidates.  A list of candidates and the vote results will be kept on file for use in the event of vacancy on the council;
·         Shall notify all individuals standing for election of the results before the results are released to the school community. 
1.   Parent elections shall be by acclamation when the member of the candidates is equal to, or less than the number of parent member positions on the council.  
Vacancies in Membership
1.   A vacancy in the membership of a school council does not prevent the council from exercising its authority
2.   If parent member positions remain vacant on council, after the election, the council may appoint parent members.
3.   Positions that become vacant due to resignation or removal shall be filled as soon as possible by:
·         Offering the person with the next largest number of votes who was not elected the opportunity to accept the position
·         Where there are not enough candidates to fill the vacancies and application by interested volunteers sought
·         If there are more applications than positions, an election will be called
·         When no more candidates are available, council may appoint parent members 
1.   Anyone who is a council member, except the principal, may resign their position by writing a letter or via email of resignation to the chair.
2.   If someone resigns the position vacated will be filled according to Article 6 on Vacancies.
1.      The council may choose to remove from council any member who misses 2 consecutive meetings and shall undertake to replace that person according to Article 6 on Vacancies.  
Term of Office
1.   A person elected or appointed as a member of a school council holds office until the date of the first meeting of the school council after elections in the next school year.
Article VII – Meetings
1.   There will be at least four (4) general meetings held each school year.
2.   There will be minutes taken and recorded for all meetings.  The minutes and financial transactions of the council shall be maintained for a four year period.
Conflict of Interest
1.   If individual council members perceive themselves to be in conflict of interest, they are honour bound to declare their conflict at the earliest possible opportunity and at the time of the meeting, so the minutes may reflect this declaration.
2.   Council members cannot receive any remuneration for their work as a member of council.
3.   The council will undertake to resolve all internal conflicts within its mandate in a timely manner.

The council will abide by any conflict resolution policy issued by the Board.
 Article VIII – Quorum
1.      A quorum for a general meeting will consist of one (1) school administrator or delegate, at least three (3) parent members and any other such members of the Aurora Heights Public School Advisory Council so as to make up sixty (60) percent of the total membership.
2.       Email Voting:
 In the event that a decision cannot be made at a School Council meeting, due to time constraints, quorum, or other such circumstances, The School Council may choose to conduct an e-mail vote. In this event there must be at least a 50% + 1 majority vote to carry the motion. All e-mail replies must be cc’d to all members, and the Chair or Co-Chairs will record the names of individual votes. The motion will be recorded and added to the next council meeting minutes.
Article IX – Sub-committees
1.   A subcommittee shall be formed whenever the need arises. Each sub-committee will consist of a co-coordinator and at least one member of the Council.
2.   Progress reports will be made at all general meetings.
3.   The co-coordinator will:
Consult with the Chair whenever possible;
Delegate various responsibilities to other committee members; Keep a record of pertinent information and budgetary matters;
Present a final report containing recommendations and a financial statement at the next general meeting and;
Submit all records to the Chair when the event is finished.
 Article X – Financial Records
Signing Authorities
1 The Principal and Elementary Office Administrative Assistant (EOAA) have and the signing authorities on the SGF School Generated Fund bank account.
Disbursements and Allocations of Money
1.   All money must be collected by the end of the year.  Funds should be dispersed or allocated to a specific purpose by the end of the year.
Annual Audit
1.  SGF and School Council fund records are randomly selected for review and audit by the Quality Assurance department. On an annual basis our external auditors randomly select schools to audit school fund records including School Council.
Article XI– Amendments
1.   Any proposed change or addition to the constitution must be submitted in writing or by email to the secretary and Co-Chairs, of the Aurora Heights Public School Advisory Council at least one (1) month prior to the annual general meeting and placed on the agenda. The change must be presented in the form of a motion and passed by a two thirds (2/3) majority at the annual general meeting with a minimum of four (4) members in attendance.  
 Article XII– Other Responsibilities
1.   An annual written report must be submitted to the principal and to the Board outlining the Council’s activities, including fundraising for the year.




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