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Cite 303
·         APA (for Family Studies, Business, Geography, Phys. Ed., Math, Computers, Technology, 
       Careers, Co-op)
·         MLA (for English, French and International Languages, Visual Art, Music, and Drama)
·         CSE (formerly CBE--for Sciences)
·         CSE/CBE Examples URL
·         Citation Machine: a site to help you create your citations! URL
·         Creating Works Cited/Reference Lists on the Questiaschool Page
Questia, a research database, is very student-friendly as you can highlight text, take virtual post-it notes, and CREATE WORKS CITED/REFERENCE LISTS right on the site!  You can then convert the document into a word file and import all your other sources into it.  Highly recommended to students.
·         Introduction to APA format -  APA Powerpoint File (Moodle)
·         APA Titlepage: UBC
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