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The following is a description of the roles and responsibility for each Executive Office:


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Role: Providing leadership and facilitating communication between members of the School Council and school.
Responsibilities: Attending School Council meeting and chair the meetings; Ensuring that minutes of the meetings are recorded; Setting goals and working to achieving the goals agreed upon by the School Council; Completing the required year-end report and sending it to the York Region District School Board at the end of each school year; Assigning tasks to other members of the School Council as required; and other duties as required.


Role: Administrative support to the Chair/co-Chair.
Responsibilities: Attending School Council meetings; Preparing the agenda and sending it to all council members in advance of the meeting. Taking minutes during each meeting and sharing the minute electronically at the conclusion of each meeting with all council members as well as submitting them, with the agenda, to the school webmaster to be posted on the school website.


Role: Maintain and Keep record of the School Council Monies.
Responsibilities: Attending School Council meetings; Collecting and counting of the monies raised by any initiatives of the School Council; Maintaining a second set of records along with the School records; collecting and depositing any revenue generated through fundraising activities; Providing a financial update to the School Council at each meeting.
The following is a list of School Council Sub-committees presently at work at Beynon Fields:


Role: Education for council members, Parenting workshops and Seminars, PRO (Parents Reaching Out Grant).
Responsibilities: Organize, coordinate, communicate workshops and conferences that will help school council members in their roles (Quest Conference, etc). Organize, coordinate, communicate workshops and conferences that may be of help to parents in the community (monthly coffee hours, etc). Solicit parent volunteers to help with event.
Develop concept and submit proposal to Council for approval in advance of submission deadline. Submit grant application to Ministry before due date. Plan parent event in accordance with Grant concept. Solicit parent volunteers to help with event.


Role: Brainstorm ideas for fundraising focus for school year. Share with council and vote to select highest priority.
Fundraisers: QSP, Hot Lunch programs (Pizza & Kid’s Kitchen), Craft Night, Year End Festival, Cheque Drive, Grants.
Responsibilities: Organize events, solicit parent volunteers to assist, advertise (parent emails, signs in bulletin board and around school, etc), collect and count money, report back to Council. Research and apply for eligible grants.

Communications Committee

Role: As the subcommittee of the Secretary Committee the main role is to provide administrative support to the school council including; school council website content/updates, school voicemail & email, volunteer database, governance.
Responsibilities: Work with office staff to add relevant information to School Council section of school’s website in a timely manner. Check voicemails and emails at least every 48 hours and either handle or pass on to appropriate person. Post minutes to school website and place hard copy in office binder within 7 calendar days of Council meeting. Collect volunteer forms from office staff and create spreadsheet to track parent volunteers who can assist with school council programs and events. Update, as needed, throughout school year. Review and update School Council Constitution and Principal Profile every other year. Present any proposed changes to Council for approval. Review relevant new/changing Board policies and share with Council members. Solicit feedback and share with Board.

Student Programs Committee

Role: Student Clubs; Robotics, Lego Club, Chess Club, Arts & Crafts, Running Club.
Responsibilities: Organize clubs, coordinate scheduling, and recruit volunteers.

Expenditures Committee

Role: Quick expense approval
Responsibilities: Approval of expenditures required between meetings AND not exceeding $500.

Positive Climates for Learning

Role: Support school’s Positive Climate for Learning initiatives. Healthy Schools. Eco.
Responsibilities: Liaison with designated PC4L teachers (Green & Macheras). Find ways that Council can support. Organize and coordinate programs to encourage healthy lifestyle (i.e., healthy eating challenges, Jump Rope for Heart, snack bins, You’re the Chef, breakfast program, etc.). Solicit parent volunteers to help with programs/events. Meet with designated Healthy Schools teacher and find ways that Council can support this initiative. Work with “Safe Routes to School” representatives to support initiative. Support school’s Eco initiatives (greening school yard, litterless lunches, etc.) Meet with school’s Eco committee (headed by Mme. Phillips) and report back to council.
The success of the school council is dependent on the strong support of the members of its community: the parents/guardians of children attending Beynon Fields Public School.
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