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Frequently Asked Questions CEL
Frequently Asked Questions

May persons who live outside of York Region take an e-Learning credit?
Ontario residents, who have Canadian status, are eligible to enroll​ in Night School e-Learning, if they are not registered with a publically funded school board. Summer School e-Learning is open to all Ontario residents, with Canadian status.
Will students be required to pay a fee?
A non-refundable application fee of $20.00 per course is due with the online application. Payment may be made online using a credit card (MasterCard/ Visa). If the course does not run, students will be refunded the full application fee of $20.00. Visa students, non-residents of Ontario, and others who do not qualify to take courses in Ontario will be required to pay the full tuition fee.
Will students write final exams?
All students must write face-to-face final exams for each course. The exams will be held at a school site on a date set in advance and will be supervised by e-Learning teachers.
Is an e-Learning course as rigorous as a regular school course?
Expectations and assessment and evaluation practices are the same as traditional courses.
How often will students and teachers communicate in an e-Learning course?
Constant communication between teacher and student is essential for success in an e-Learning course. In addition to ongoing email communication, teachers will make themselves available to students for help during specific times each week. 
Will registration be continuous?
The e-Learning program is a semester program which will have a registration deadline. In exceptional cases, students may be accepted into e-Learning after the registration deadline. Most students take a minimum of four months to complete an online credit course during the fall and winter semesters. Students who register late will need to complete the course in less time. No modifications to the date of the final exam will be made for late registrants.
Who teaches online courses?
Certified teachers deliver online course material for Night/Summer School e-Learning.
What modifications and accommodations are made for students who have been identified as exceptional learners?
Extra time on assessments is provided as long as appropriate documentation is submitted.
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