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Day School e-Learning
Day School e-Learning is available to students who are registered in one of the York Region District School Board secondary schools​. For information about registering into a Day School e-Learning course and/or course availability, visit your Guidance Counselor at your YRDSB home school.

2020-2021 Course Offerings

Course Cod​e​ Dep​artment ​Course Des​cription​
​BBB​4​M ​BUSN​ International Business Fun​damentals (Gr. 12) - University/College Prep.
BOH4M ​BUSN ​Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals (Gr. 12) ​- University/College Prep.​
CIA4U ​CWS ​Analysing Current Economic Issues (Gr. 12) - Univeristy Prep.
CGW4U ​CWS ​World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
CLU3M ​CWS ​Understanding Canadian Law​ (Gr. 11) - University/College Prep.
CHY4U ​CWS World History Since the Fifteenth Century (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
ENG4U ​ENG ​English​ (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
ETS4U ​ENG ​Studies in Literature​ (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
HHS4U ​SOSC Families in Canada  (Gr. 12) - Univeristy Prep.
HSB4U ​SOSC Challenge and Change in Society  (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
HSC4M SOSC​ ​World Cultures (Gr. 12) - University/College Prep.
MDM4U ​MATH ​Mathematics of Data Management (Gr. 12) - University Prep.
​PP​​Z3C ​HPE Health for Life​ (Gr. 11) - College Prep.
All course offerings listed above are offered in Semester 2.​ ​​​

Department Codes

​BU​SN: Business, CWS: Canadian and World Studies, ENG: English, SOSC: Social Science, MATH: Mathematics, HPE: Health and Physical Education
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