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Category C: Student Registration Process CEL
Category C: Student Registration Process

Students not attending a publicly funded school board

IMPORTANT: Meet with your Guidance Counselor to determine if you are eligible to take an e-Learning course through Night School e-Learning. 
Only if you qualify, request that your Guidance Co​u​​nselor​ sends a confirmation email to

The email subject line must includeyour full name, OEN, and the course code for which you have permission. 

The body of the email message may be left blank. 
In addition, attach a copy of the Original Transcript OR Credit Counselling Sumary

​​​​​​​I​​f approved, students are eligible to take upto 2 credits in each of the fall and of the winter semesters.



  • If needed, step by step instructions to maneuver the system are available. ​

  • Be sure to click the “Process Request” ​button at the very end to complete your online application.

  • If you completed the online application successfully, between 1-3 automated emails will be sent to you advising you of an account creation and your application status in the course. 

  • If you do not receive the emails indicated above, contact immediately providing your first, last name and course. Indicate that you didn't receive the automated emails.

  • ​​​Night School e-Learning does not contact applicants advising them of an incomplete application. 
  • Clicking on the 'Online Application' link above indicates that you accept all policies, practices, and procedures at Night School e-Learning.
  • A $20 non-refundable application fee is due with the online application. Both Visa and MasterCard credit cards are acceptable methods of payment. VISA/Debit cards do not work yet with our system we are working on adding this option in the future.​ If the course doesn't run the $20 application fee will be refunded.
  • Non-r​esidents of Ontario must pay school fees in addition to the $20 application fee per course. ​

 Registration Support Links

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