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Winter 2021 Course List CEL
Winter 2021 Course List

Academic Integrity

Assessment and Evaluation

Course List

Click on the course code in the table below to view the course description and required course materials.​During the registration period check this page regularly for course availability updates.

​Available BB​B4M BUSN: International Business Fundamentals -  University/College Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available BOH4M BUSN: Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals - University/College Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available CHY4U​ CWS: World History since the Fifteenth Century - University Prep. (Gr. 12)​
Available ENG3U ENG: English - University Prep. (Gr. 11)
Available ENG4C ENG: English - College Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available ENG4U ENG: English - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available MCT4C ​MATH: Mathematics for College Technology - College Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available MCV4U MATH: Calculus and Vectors - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available MDM4U MATH: Mathematics of Data Management - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available MHF4U MATH: Advanced Functions - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available SBI3U SCI: Biology - University Prep. (Gr. 11)
Available SBI4U SCI: Biology - University Prep.  (Gr. 12)
Available SCH3U ​SCI: Chemistry - University Prep. (Gr. 11)
Available SCH4U SCI: Chemistry - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available SPH3U ​SCI: Physics - University Prep. (Gr. 11)
Available SPH4U ​Sci: Physics - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available HHS4U SOSC: Families in Can​ada - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available HSB4U SOSC: Challenge and Change in Society - University Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available HSE4M SOSC: Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice - University/College Prep. (Gr. 12)
Available HZT4U SOSC Philosophy: Questions and Theories - University Prep. (Gr. 12)

During the registration period check this​ page regularly for course availability updates. 

*Decisions​ to run courses are based on enrollment and teacher availability*​​​

Department Codes

​​​BUSN - Business CWS - Canadian and World Studies, ENG - English, MATH - Mathematis, SCI - Science, SOSC - Social Science

Course Status

Available - Spots available, Limited - Limited spots available, Closed - Registration closed​ ​

Due to low enrollment, the following courses have been cancelled: CHY4U, HSC4M, MBF3C, MCF3M, MCR3U, and SCH3U.​​​
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