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About Us

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Who are we?

We are a regional program that supports students with earning their high school diplomas while focusing on the arts. Students take two arts courses each year for a total of 8 arts credits upon graduation. Students take 7 credits in their area of specialization and 1 inside out credit (a credit in the Arts but outside their area of specialization). We offer specializations in Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students with a passion for the arts. Someone who is inquisitive, hard working and open to new ideas. Formal training is not a requirement.

How do students apply?

If your child attends any of the elementary schools listed in the link below, or you live within the communities of Newmarket​, East Gwillimbury​, Keswick, or Georgina (regardless of which school your child attends), he or she is eligible to attend the Arts Huron Program.  Schools Eligible for the Arts Huron Program​.

Students must fill out the application found online, print it and bring the completed application package into the Huron Heights office before the deadline. There are a number of supplementary pieces of information that must also be submitted at this time including proof of address, report cards, academic and artistic references and an application fee.

Auditions consist of an interview and one of the following (depending on chosen area of specialization):  Music/vocal performance; dramatic monologue; participation in a Dance workshop; or, participation in a Visual Arts workshop along with a review of the student portfolio.

What About Transportation?

Huron Heights SS Arts Program is a Regional program where students do not qualify for transportation under the standard transportation policies of the YRDSB.

Currently, the school board has put in place skeletal routing for students by using depot stop locations in areas where YRT may not be available or at times that would not allow students to arrive to school on time. 

Depot stops differ from the traditional stops as they are designed to be at safe & centralized locations rather than being within a certain walking distance for eligible students. Students are required to make their own way to these depot stops without the expectation of a walk distance to a stop.

Going forward, any non-centralized stop location will be replaced with a depot stop once the existing student(s) graduate or move.

The specific requirements for each audition may be found online at any time.

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Additional Information on Arts Huron:  

  • Information Nights for Arts Huron (this link will be active in the fall)

  • Online Application ​ (this link will be active late November/early December)

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