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Co-operative Education Department 105
Co-operative Education Department
“I promised the secrets of the universe, nothing more.” – Agent K, MIB
Cooperative Education
What is Cooperative Education (Co-op) programming?
Co-op is educational programming that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace.
Programming is based on a partnership between the school and a business or community organization.
It involves the participation of students, teachers and the workplace (placement supervisors).
It is a credit-earning program.
Who is it for?
The program is primarily geared for students in Grade 11 and 12.
Regardless of the post-secondary destination of choice all students can benefit from a co-op experience.
What are the benefits?
Co-op provides you with an opportunity to:
·         develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes through hands-on experience;
·         explore a career in order to make informed educational and career decisions;
·         develop maturity and self-confidence;
·         strengthen employability skills;
·         gain valuable work experience;
·         develop networking opportunities;
·         earn credits towards your OSSD;
·         complete the program requirements of the Specialist High Skills Major;
·         participate in specialized programs such as OYAP, HPA, ICE;
·         "step-up" for entry into post-secondary institutions.
Who do I see in the school for more information about Cooperative Education programs?
See the Community-Based Education Department or Guidance / Career Education Department.
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