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International Languages/ESL Department 105
International Languages/ESL Department


      Welcome to Huron’s Department of E.S.L., F.S.L. and International Languages.  Our E.S.L. program, taught by Ms. K. Milberg offers courses to beginner, intermediate and advanced students of English as a second language.  Similarly, our Spanish program, taught by Senora P. Stallone offers courses to beginner, intermediate and advanced students of Spanish as a second language.  Our core French program, taught by Mme D. Boileau, Mme S. Kern and Mme P. Stallone offers courses to students of grade 9 applied and grade 9 academic programs.  We also offer grade 10 academic French, grade 11 University French and grade 12 University French.  Our goal is to help students to make connections between newly acquired vocabulary and language structures and real-life written and verbal communication.  Through the use of authentic e resources including digital literacy assignments, magazines, short stories, music, plays and dialogues, we help students to build on their second language skills, so that they are better prepared for employment and travel opportunities in today’s global village.
      Upcoming events include the grade 11 and 12 Spanish field trip to Newmarket’s Made in Mexico.  This excursion, on October 25, includes opportunities to experience authentic Spanish fare, to acquire some indigenous dance skills, and to converse in Spanish.  This excursion will be repeated for beginner students of Spanish, during semester two.  Similarly, students of grade 9 French will have a chance to savour the poutine of Québec, as they converse in French, at Newmarket’s Cove, before the end of October.  During semester two, our grade 9 students will have this same opportunity, in April.  Students of grade 10 French will host and provide their own authentic “café Français”, en Français, in November, in Huron’s staff lounge.  Students will serve and converse in French, while enjoying French cuisine and French music.  During semester two, students of grade 10 French will host this event, in April.   Students of Huron’s grade 11 and 12 French programs will also enjoy French fare at a local French restaurant, at the end of November, during semester one, and in May, during semester two.

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