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​Getting Ready for Hallowe'en

The pupils in Miss Hunter's class decorated their room for the Hallowe'en party. They made: 

35 masks           18 clown hats             28 bats
43 paper cats     25 jack-o'-lanterns​     17 witches

They cut all these things out of coloured paper. 
1. They used orange paper to make the jack-o'-lanterns, masks, and clown hats. How many pieces of orange paper did they use? 
2. They cut the witches, cats, and bats out of black paper. How many pieces of black paper did they use? 
3. How many pieces of paper did they use altogether? 
4. They pasted 13 jack-o'-lanterns on the blackboard, and the rest on the windows. How many did they paste on the windows? 
5. How many more clown hats were needed so that a clown hat could be put on each jack-o'-lantern? 

Copy the examples below, and add. 

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