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Junior High School Entrance Examinations MAA
Junior High School Entrance Examinations
Department of Education, Ontario.

Annual Examinations, 1913.



NOTE.—In the case of each of the questions in Part B (via, 7, 8, 9)

no marks are to be given by the examiner unless the answer thereto is correct.

1. What will be the cost (to the nearest cent) of
eighteen 2% inch planks 16 feet long and 10 inches wide,
and thirty-three pieces of 2 by 4 scantling 16 feet long,
at $22 per M., board measure ?

2. A coal dealer bought 400 tons of coal at $475 a
long ton (2240 pounds). He paid 75 cents a ton for
freighting, and sold the coal at $6 a short ton (2000
pounds). What was his gain per cent. ?

3. A man sold 4 loads of hay, each weighing 2750 lbs,
at $20 a ton. He received in payment a 60-day
note, without interest. What Would be the proceeds
of this note if discounted at a bank at 6 per cent. on the
day on which it was received ?

4. Reduce 4 yds. 2 ft. 5 in. to a decimal of a mile.
Carry out the decimal to four places.

5. A man’s farm is mortgaged for tWo—thirds of its
cost. He sells it for $6000, which is 25 per cent. above
the cost. How much money will he have after paying
the mortgage ?

6. A store valued at $10,000, and a stock of goods
Valued at $15,000, were insured for a year for 75 per
cent. of their value at :}%. Before the year expired, the
store and its contents were burned. What was the
oWner’s loss, including the sum paid for insurance ?


7. (No marks to be given unless the result is correct.)
A farmer sold a load of Wood 10 ft. long, 2 ft. 8 in. wide,
and 3 ft. high for $8. What was the price per cord?

8. (No marks to be given unless the result is correct.)
Simplify (3 1/3-2 1/2) / 

9. (No marks to be given unless the result is correct.)
Find the total freight charges, at three—fourths of a cent
per ton per mile, on the following shipped from Quebec
to Toronto, 3. distance of 440 miles :— 15,000 lbs. of
locomotive castings, 31,750 lbs. of flour—mill machinery,
17,550 lbs. of pumping machinery, and 49,900 lbs. of
saw-mill machinery.
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