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Math Exam, 1947 MAA
Math Exam, 1947


NOTE: No marks will be given for any part of question 1 unless

I the answer for the part is correct.

1. Find the answer for each of the following:


(a) 8.67+99.37+7.95+85.68+2.89+33.56;

(b) 44 1/4 X 6 2/3;

(c) 39.37 X 6.75;

(d) 14 1/4 / 2 3/8 .

(e) 6 X 2 X 8 X 4/12 X 1/1000 X $75.00;

(f) 5967/196.5 to the nearest hundredth;

(g) 8.09 136 (Express the answer in decimal form).

2. (a) The pupils of a school voted to give 3

a concert to their Junior Red Cross fund. The

How much was given to the fund?

(b) George Fleming made 56 marks out of a possible 70 in a

Literature test. What per cent did he make?

(c) John Adams weighs 114 lb. The average weight for boys of

his age and height is 95 lb. Express John’s weight as a percentage of

thee average weight.

(d) Sydney Graham sells magazines on 20% commission for one week was $2.50

What were his total sales?


3. Ernest MacLaren of Boxville, Ontario, owned a house valued at $8750.

He insured it with the Grover Fire Insurance Company for 80% of its value

At the rate of 65 cents per $100 for three years.

            (a) Find the amount of the premium.

            (b) Copy the business form illustrated below and show how Mr.MacLaren would complete it when pays the premium



PAY to the

order of ........................................ ............... ..$ ...................


The sum of............................................................. .. ------ Dollars


 (c ) What is the name of this business form?


4. A grocer brought 5 gross bottles of flavouring extract listed at $18.00 a gross. He was allowed a discount of 20%.

            (a) Find the net cost of the extract/

            (b) If the extract sold at 15 cents a bottle, find the profit on the 5 gross. (Note: 12 dozen = 1 gross)


5. The box on a gravel truck is 8 ft. long, 6ft wide, and 2.25 ft. high. What will be the cost of two level loads of gravel at 15c per cubis yard for the gravel and $2.50 a load for delivery?


6. Tom Morgan’s hospital bill was $226. He used his savings of $80 to pay part of the bill and borrowed the remainder of the amount from his bank. Find, to the nearest cent, the interest on this loan from February 10 to May 13, 1947, at the rate of 4 and a half percent per annum.


7. Mr. Brown’s salary is $1900 a year. In his budget he allows 12 and a half percent for his savings.

            (a) How much savings will he have at the end of the year after meeting from his savings an unexpected expense of $145.75?

            (b) If you were using a circle graph to illustrate Mr. Brown’s budget, how manydegrees would be needed for the angle showing the 12 and a half percent savings?


8. (a) A well is covered by a circular concrete platform 6 ft. in diameter. Find the cost of the platform at $2.10 a sq. yd.

    (b) Find the circumference of this platform. State your answer in feet.


9. A village has a population of 829 and a total assessment of $695,500. It is required to collect 15 mills on its assessment and, in addition, 55c. a person for health services. What is the total amount of taxes collected?


10. (a) Using a scale of one eighth of an inch to the rod, draw a triangle to represent a piece of property whose sides measure 20 rods, 15 rods, and 25 rods.

      (b) By use of ruler and compasses, bisect the largest angle.

      (c ) Using a protractor, find the number of degrees in each of the remaining angles.

Values – 1, 3X6+4; 2 (a), 2; (b), 3; (c ), 4; (d), 4; 3 (a), 5;

(b), 3; (c ), 1;4 (a), 4; (b), 5; 5, 8; 6, 8; 7 (a), 4; (b), 2; 8 (a), 5;


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