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Mathematics Exam 1942 MAA
Mathematics Exam 1942
10 ' From The James Texts, Belleville, Ont.




NOTE. No marks will be given for any part of question No. 1

unless the answer is correct.

1.   (a) Multiply 639 by 76, and divide your answer by 57.


           (i) 8 1/3 by 1/9;

          (ii) 15/16 by 1 1/4

      (c) Multiply 37 by 25, and divide your answer by 925.

      (d) Add 26 + 18 and 2+93 and multiply your answer by 2.16.

      (e) Express in decimal form : 8/100; 2 7/10 ; 32/1000 ; 5 1/4%

      (f) Express correctly to the nearest cent:

            (i) 40% of $12.54

            (ii)12.5% of $16.41

       (g) Find the sum of: the sum, the difference, and the product of 7 + 25 and 3 + 8


2. Work each of the following, and then show your method of

checking to prove that your work is correct:

   (a) Multiply 6047 by 36.

   (b) Divide 7591 by 45. '

   (C) Find the cost of 9000 lb. of hay at $19.50 a ton.


3. (a) From a pile of wood-32 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 8 feet

high, 18% cords are drawn away. What is the value of the remainder

at $12.00 a cord?

    (b) A grain bin 18 feet long and 11 feet wide is filled with oats

to a depth of 5 feet. If one cubic foot contains 15 bushels, and the

value of the oats in the bin at 60 cents a bushel.


4. (a) A bathroom tap leaked 3 gallons and 2.​5 quarts of water in

24-hours. How many gallons of water would be wasted by this leaky

tap during the month of June?

     (b) John raked leaves for Mrs. Jones from 10.30 a.m. to 5.15

p.m. on Saturday with 1 hour off for lunch. How much should he

receive if he is paid at the rate, of 20c. an hour? ‘


5. (a) 'How much are the taxes on a property valued at $8200, if the

tax rate is 32.5 mills on the dollar, and the property is assessed for 50%

of its value .


(b) Mr. White has a house valued at $6000 and furniture valued

at $2000. He insures the house for 3/5 of its value, and the furniture

for 3/4 of its value,. paying a premium in each case of 55 cents for each

‘$100. Find the total premium paid by Mr. White.


6. Make out the bill, properly receipted, that you would receive from

your grocer for the following goods. Date it to-day.


15 lb. coffee @ 48c. a lb.

16 lb. lard. @ 18c. a lb.

24 lb. sugar @ 3 lb. for 25c.

2.5 lb. bacon @ 36c. a lb

1.5  doz. oranges @ 3 oranges for 10c.


From The James Texts, Belleville, Ont. 


7. A real estate agent charges commission as follows for selling

property: 5% on the?rst $5000 and 3.5% on the remaining amount.

How much commission would he charge for selling a property for



8. If $511 was borrowed on January 20, 1942, what will be the

amount due on August 8, 1942, if the interest rate paid is 4.5% per



9. Henry Smith works for a farmer, receiving $7.00 a week and his

board. His weekly expenses average 70c. How many weeks must he

work to save enough money to buy a suit of clothes costing him $17.50

and a pair of boots for which he must pay $3.50, if he receives a

discount of 10% on both items for paying cash?


10. (a) Solve the following equations:

(1) 3-: 12;

(ii) 3x + 1-2 : 13:2.

(12) John has as marbles, Harry has 2 more than John, and Grant

has 4 more than Harry. How many marbles have they all together?


11. (a) Write the formulae used to find the following:

(i) the area of a parallelogram;

(ii) the circumference of a circle;

(iii) the volume of a cylinder. ~

(b) Find the area of a circle which has a radius of 3.5 feet.

(c) Find the area of a triangle if the base is 6 feet and the height

is 5 feet.


Values—1 (a). 2; (b). 2X1; (0). 2; (d). 2; (e). 4X 1/2; (f),

2X1; (g); 4; 2. 3+3; 3 (a); 6; (b), 6; 4 (a). 6; (b), 6; 5 (a).6;

(b); 6; 6. 6; 7; 6; 8. 8; 9. 6; 10 (a), 2X1; (b). 2; 11 (a). 3X2;

(b). 3; (c). 3.




1. Write a composition of at least thirty lines on one of the follow-

ing subjects:

(a) My favourite winter sport. '

(b) An adventure. '

(c) Ontario——my native province.

(d) Motor-boats.

(e) A bountiful harvest.

( A picnic. '

(g) My grandfather’s favourite story.

(It) A night under the open sky.


2. Write sentences using the following words correctly (a different

sentence for each word): affect, elfect; principal, principle; lie, lay;

its, it’s; course, coarse.


3. (a) Your grandfather has suggested to you that you select a

birthday present from the following list: a bicycle, a radio, a pair of

roller skates, & toboggan.


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