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Exemption from Online Synchronous Learning

The Ministry of Education has directed school boards to develop a process that allows students and families to request an exemption from online synchronous learning. 

Secondary S​​​tudents

For secondary students, requests for an exemption must be made in writing by completing the appropriate exemption form: Secondary exemption request form


Exemption from online synchronous learning may be requested by parents or by students who are 18 years of age or older, and students who are 16 or 17 years of age but have withdrawn from parental control. Exemptions may also be requested by contacting the school principal.


Elementary Students​

For Elementary students, families can request an exemption by completing the Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 8) exemption request form or by contacting the EVS Site Administrator.  


Students who are approved for an exemption will be provided with a Learning Plan for Exempted Students to support their continued participation in school and course work in an asynchronous fashion.  Teachers will continue to assess work, provide feedback and complete report cards.


Students and families have the following opportunities to request an exemption from online synchronous learning: 

  • Secondary Due Dates: February 12 and April 15 by 4:00 p.m.

  • Elementary (Kindergarten to Grade 8) Due Date: February 26 by 4:00 pm.


Please speak to the school principal if you encounter circumstances, outside of these timelines, that put you/your child in risk of not engaging synchronously with daily lessons and activities.


Exemptions have a designated expiry date but may be extended beyond this time if approved by the school.


Please be advised that exemptions do not apply to the in-person portion of the Secondary Adaptive Model of instruction or to the Face-to-Face elementary school model. Exemptions will only be provided to those students for whom the school is not able to provide the necessary support and accommodations that would allow the student to continue to participate synchronously while online.


For more information, please contact your school principal.