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Mental Health




Student Mental Health and Well-Being Re-entry Resource for Schools 

The Student Mental Health and Well-Being Reentry Resource for Schools will provide elementary and secondary schools with supports and helpful resources to support a mentally well school reentry for students. The resource incorporates family feedback gathered through a survey.  ​

Mental Health Transition Support Plan from Psych and Social Work

Our Social Work and Psychological Services team will offer mental health support to students in September.

School Social Work and Psychological Services teams are currently delivering services virtually over the summer to support student mental health needs.  Web and phone based service options will continue to ensure they are accessible for students and families. 

Our mental health professionals remain accessible to students who may be struggling with their mental health to offer individual support. Board mental health professionals are exploring expanded offerings of group based mental health opportunities for students who may find value in being connected virtually to youth from other schools who might be experiencing shared or common needs.  

Students and families are encouraged to connect with your school’s administration team if you have a concern for a student’s mental health. Schools can help students to access support from Board mental health professionals as well as community-based services.

Board mental health professionals will be available to help support school staff promote a mentally healthy transition back to school for students.