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VICTORY in EUROPE: 70th Anniversary Tour May 2-11th 2015

For the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe, the UHS History and Family Studies Departments invite students to join us for the History Tour of a lifetime. 


On May 2nd, 2015 we will join 1000’s of other Canadian Students and War Veterans at the VE70 Commemorative Celebrations in Wageningen, Netherlands and Walk in Liberation Day Celebration Parade.  It is a journey you child will never forget as it takes us to the Fields of Flanders and Vimy Ridge and to beaches of Normandy and the D-Day landings.

At each major stop of our tour we will combine Canadian History with the culinary delights of the region. In Amsterdam and area we will visit a cheese market to sample cheeses like Edam or Gouda and see how they stand up against our Oka and Cheddar cheeses. Onward to Brussels and Bruges for what else, Belgium chocolates! Next our journey takes us to Normandy, where we will load up a fresh food market for a picnic at Juno Beach or Benys-Sur-Mer.  Finally we will blend history with the world’s finest cuisine served at the over 40 000 Bistros in the Paris area. We will not go hungry on this tour.


Organizational Meetings will begin in September 2014 and For more information please contact Mr. Hunt at or Ms. Jones at or at the EF Website  

In 2015, take time to make history by participating in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to take Canadian
History in Summer School
Time to Learn:  In Canadian History you will learn critical thinking skills that you can’t learn in 3 ½weeks.
Dedicated and Trained Teaching Staff:  In day school, Canadian History is taught by specialists in the field – in summer school the teachers are often not trained in History.
In-depth Study of Historical Issues:  In day school we look at in-depth study of historical information with a rich discussion of eras by students.  By the end of the course you will understand why certain issues re-occur in Canadian politics and the history behind them.
Success in Senior Level Courses:  Students who take History in summer school might get “an easy mark” but the real cost is that they are not prepared for senior level courses.  The skills taught in day school will help you be more successful (and get better marks) in senior level Law, History, English, etc.
Language Development:  The critical thinking skills taught in Day School History are excellent preparation for the OSSLT (Literacy Test) which is a graduation requirement.
Essay Writing Skills:  The foundations of good essay writing and research skills are taught in day school History (not summer school).  These skills give students the edge in university programs.  In fact, many universities claim that the best essay writers are produced by their History departments.
Development of Leadership and Citizenship Skills:  Students can participate in clubs such as Social Justice, Free the Children and Mock trial Competitions.
Broadens Career Options:  Prepares students for careers with a no-math, non-science base such as law, marketing and sales, business training and coaching, diplomatic service, publishing or education to name a few.
Ability to Think Outside of the Box – Many employers prefer employees who can examine issues from a variety of angles and think for themselves.  These skills are specifically taught in day school History.
It is Fun!:  In day school we have the time to play enrichment games, watch films and take field trips, there is no time for this in summer school where most of the learning is through book work.


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