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Programs 317

Target Group
·         student must be between the ages of 14 and 15
·         students not profiting from traditional educational instruction

·         below average in attendance and grades

·         academically capable in either applied or open courses, in Grade 9 or 10
·         student must have attempted at least one semester of high school
·         the home school has considered all other alternatives
In-School Program
·         continuous entry – maximum 16 students
·         Schedule is daily from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
·         delivery and resourcing of academic work in Grade 9/10 subjects:
·         English, Math, Geography, History, Career Studies, Civics, Learning Strategies
·         6 week intensive sessions focusing on credits delivered one at a time for 4 credits
·         students are encouraged to take a Continuing Education Course (Independent Learning or Virtual School) with support given as time permits
·         Basic expectations: Be present, Be on time, Be respectful, Be willing to learn
·         Agreements to meet specific needs are drawn up and will be adhered to by all

Offsite Location: George Bailey Public School 9600 Keele St., Maple.ON

Target Group
·         Students 16 years of age and older

·         high risk students

·         potential dropouts
·         need re-entry into the educational system
·         willing to work at a job placement at least 3 days/week
·         willing to attend school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 academic periods/day
·         exerting minimal academic effort
·         frustrated by their lack of success and progress in regular day school
·         special needs students who wish to attend a school at an off-site campus
·         maximum of 20 students
·         Vaughan Secondary School students have priority
·         board-wide students may apply (interview required to determine suitability and ability of the program to meet the student's needs)
·         continuous intake of students all year, depending upon availability of space
·         to help students realize their potential by building self-esteem
·         to encourage a change in attitude
·         to help students make a transition from school to work
·         to encourage and support students to return to regular school programs
·         to obtain credits towards a Secondary School Diploma
·         to develop positive attitudes and values towards the workplace
·         to develop responsible and accountable behaviours


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