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International Languages/ESL Department


ESL Pathways​
ESL Level 1
ESL Level 2
ESL Level 3
ESL Level 4
ESL Level 5
Please note that not all ELLs will follow this sequence exactly and individual students may vary in the rate at which they progress through the levels.

The French & International Languages Department 


The French & International Languages Department aims to develop intercultural understanding and international-mindedness through the study of language, literature and culture.  Students will communicate and interact with growing confidence in French, one of Canada’s official languages, and/or Spanish while developing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to participate fully as citizens in Canada and in the world.  Students gain a greater understanding of the diversity of cultures through the study and exploration of various forms of media, film, poetry, novels and plays.  Students will demonstrate their competency in a variety of ways through dramatizations, visual projects, individual oral and written tasks and collaborative group work.  



Multilingualism, Interculturalism & Global Engagement

The vision of the FSL and International Languages Curriculum of Ontario and the International Baccalaureate Program embraces our goals to help students strive to:
·      Use French and other languages to communicate and interact in a variety of social settings;
·      Learn about Canada, its two official languages, and other languages, cultures and  their diversity;
·      Appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness and the interdependence of the global community;
·      Be responsible for their own learning, as they work independently and in groups;
·      Use effective language learning strategies;
·      Become lifelong language learners for personal growth and for active participation as world citizens!



Exciting Opportunities for Language Learners!


Students will have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the language of study through a variety of cultural events and activities at Bayview S.S., speech and poetry contests, field trips, immersions, student-exchanges, excursions to Europe and/or school trips to French-speaking or Spanish-speaking regions of the world. 

As two of the most widely-spoken languages of the world, learning French and/or Spanish will enhance a students’ options for careers in International Business, International Development Projects in Africa and the Americas, Canadian Government positions, Travel and Tourism Industry, and a variety of other possibilities where the ability to communicate in other languages is a highly regarded and valuable skill. 



·      EXPLORE!  A government-funded immersion in the province of Québec where students at the high school level learn French in a fun and interactive way, taking part in a variety of cultural activities and events over the course of 5 weeks in the summer!​

·      YMCA Work-Experience Program!  Students apply for a summer job which would be in one of many locations in the province of Québec.  The students stay with a French-speaking family in Québec and, not only become bilingual, but gain work experience and return with summer wages as well.  Family outings to cultural activities and events are organized for the students as well.​

·      ISE:  International Student Exchanges is one of the most well-respected organizations providing exchanges and immersion experiences for students in Europe!  Students may choose from a variety of countries where Spanish or French is spoken;​​


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