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Taking music at SVS is not only about investing in a future career in music.  While we have plenty of grads who have gone on to play in some of the worlds greatest orchestras or in many other facets of the music industry, the goal of our department is to help students achieve their best.  Our performance groups offer many opportunities to develop persistence, creativity, and imagination.  Working in groups of up to 100 students all working together towards achieving great musical expression requires dedication and superior time management skills as well as a keen understanding of what it means to sacrfice the needs of the individual for the needs of the group. 

Success breeds success and the skills we develop in classes that are useful in all areas of life.  There are countless alumni that visit our department on a regular basis who talk of how their experience in our department had a direct influence on what got them into medical school, or law school, or engineering to just name a few of the most popular fields.  Our music students are attending Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins Univeristy and they emphatically comment on how studying music at Bayview had a significant impact on who they are today. 


While we do not design our courses to create professional musicians, we do have many former students studying music at university or working as professional musicians or teachers today.  If you have a love for music and would like to incorporate music into your career, there are many options you can explore.  One of the most thorough websites that could help you explore many of these careers.   ​

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