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Kiss and Ride Safety Plan 423
Kiss and Ride Safety Plan

The safety of our students is very important to us; therefore, we ask for your support and cooperation when dropping off or picking up your child(ren) from school.


All Armadale students are within WALKING distance of the school.  We encourage all students to make arrangements to walk to and from school.  However, if you are receiving a ride, please note the following:


Front of School “Kiss and Ride” Loop – If you are dropping your child(ren) at the Kiss ‘n Ride during morning drop off and pick up times, we ask that you pull your vehicle all the way to the stop sign.


We ask all parents to be good neighbours and follow the routines listed below in order to ensure the safety of our students in the front loop and on the streets near the school. Please be mindful of the following:

1.      Obey all street signs (No stopping or U Turns in front of the school).

2.      Do not block the flow of traffic on the street to turn into the kiss and ride loop.

3.      Do not use the bus lane for dropping off or picking up your children.

4.      Do not use the private driveways of residents in the neighbourhood.

5.      Do not park in front of the fire hydrant on the street.

6.      We are asking parents to only use the front loop, so that staff is able to park in the parking lot.


The Kiss and Ride program is intended for parents who are dropping off or picking up their child(ren).

It is NOT intended for individuals who want to leave their vehicle to walk their child(ren) to the door or to assist their child(ren) to leave the car. If you want to accompany your child to the door or the Kindergarten, you must park your vehicle on the street, in a legal parking spot and walk your child to the school yard or the Kindergarten.


In an effort to make drop‐off and pick‐up as orderly and safe as possible we ask that drivers respect the following rules:

1.      Obey the road rules, crosswalks, and speed limits.

2.      Have your child(ren) enter and exit the vehicle from the curb side of the loop (exit from the RIGHT side of the vehicle: ALL the children in the vehicle MUST exit from the PASSENGER SIDE).  Students should only exit on the sidewalk area of the kiss and ride loop.

3.      Your child(ren) should have their backpack on their lap to enable them to exit the vehicle quickly.

4.      Never leave your car parked, idling or unattended.

5.      Be courteous to the school staff; they are only trying to keep your child safe.

6.      Pull your vehicle all the way forward to stop sign to allow for as many cars to enter our kiss and ride.


When dropping off your child(ren) in the morning please remember that children are allowed to enter the school through the front doors.


For pick up at lunch or the end of the day at 3:00 p.m. students will be dismissed from their dismissal doors into the school yard. The dismissal doors are as follows:

·        Door A (Front door of the school)                                                 Community Class, Grade 2
Door C (Back tarmac door closest to the parking lot)                     Grade 6, Grade 7 & Grade 8
Door D (Back tarmac door nearest to the basketball court)             2/3A, Grade 3, Grade 4 & Grade 5
Door E (Back tarmac door nearest to the port-a-pack)                  Grade 1, Grade 1/2A




If you are meeting your child at a dismissal door, please park on the street in a legal spot. If you are entering the front loop your child will need to walk around the building and enter your vehicle in the Kiss and Ride area from the passenger side so we can maintain the flow of traffic.


We realize that drop‐off and pick‐up can be challenging and therefore we would like to provide some alternative transportation suggestions:

·        Walking  - Try a Community Walking Group. One parent at the front and one at the rear of the group, children walking in between. Pick up your friends along the way.

·        Carpool - Arrange to help each other out with pick‐up and drop‐off.

·        Discuss pick‐up and drop‐off routines with your children and be flexible with solutions as change is required.  Families with more than one child can help their children to organize a designated pick‐up spot.

·        Park a block away and walk the last block to school with your child(ren).



Staff Parking Lot (north side of the building) – This lot is for staff parking.  The limited space has made the parking lot dangerous for students and drivers.  Parents picking up/ dropping off are asked NOT to pull in this area as it is dangerous for students when cars are backing up or traffic is congested.


Daycare Centre Parking Lot (south/ front of the building) – This lot is for families accessing the daycare.  Parents are not to park in this lot at any time. 


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  The safety of all children is our priority.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact the school.

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