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Family Studies Department 202
Family Studies Department

The Family Studies department here at Aurora High School strives to foster student achievement through its unique course offerings. Courses include an introductory grade 9 course that enriches students in a variety of areas surrounding the family studies curriculum; food and nutrition at b​​​oth the open and university level; exploring fashion and the fashion industry; childcare; human growth; and the study of individuals and family throughout the life cycles.  Throughout each semester students are able to learn to view themselves, their families, their communities, and the broader society from different perspectives and gain a better sense of self.  Through practical experience, discussions, debates, research, reflection and the development of critical and creative thinking skills, these family studies courses will help students become self-motivated, problem solvers, who are equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to face their changing world with confidence and self advocacy.

Currently at Aurora High School, the following courses are being offered:

HIF1O - Exploring Family Studies (Food Labs, budgeting for your dream home/car, how to be a BOSS, Unit of Design)​ *No Written Exam 

HFN2O - Food and Nutrition (Food Labs, Exploring Cultural Foods, Food Advertising and Food Safety/Labelling) *No Written Exam 

HPW3C - Working with Infants and Young Children (Electronic Baby, Childrearing, Pregnancy and Family Life Skills)

HFA4U - Nutrition and Health (Exploring food through science, digestion, nutrients, nutritionist career pathway)

HHG4M - Human Issues in Growth and Development (Psychology, Sociology, Growth over Lifespan, Disease and Pathology)

HHS4U - Families in Canada (Mate Selection, Types of Relationships, Families with Aging children, Sociology and End of life Transitions)


Elizabeth Fairty

Department Head


Dawn Uukkivi

Classroom Teacher


Amanda Bell

Classroom Teacher




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