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Visual Arts Department 202
Visual Arts Department

Adventurous Artists
Welcome to the Visual Arts program!

What is Creativity?

Creativity is making associations between existing forms, colours and structures which then form patterns and ideas that become content and communicate with viewers. Art relates to creativity as math relates to logic - it is a unique way to understand the world.  With this idea as departure point, students in the Visual Arts department have a mission to test the limits of normally accepted ‘art’. New ideas, based on new associations, result in new forms of creativity. This is a core belief in our department.
·         We educate art students for the future, keeping in line with current developments in the arts and contemporary technologies as well as contemporary views of art and creativity. Teachers are current on these matters
·          We believe in a problem-solving approach to art education. Students must be able to set individual goals in class to reach unique solutions
·        We believe in student-centred and not teacher-centred classes. Curriculum is adapted and modified to serve our students.
·         Every year a large number of our senior Visual Arts students apply to study art, design and film at universities and colleges – a feather in our cap! The feedback we get from these institutions is usually positive, since our students are well prepared.
·         Theory is important in our delivery
·         Teachers combine their professional skills and energy to create a strong artistic team.

Ms. Moore (Department Head)

Mrs. Litvack 



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