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Are you interested in learning the Ontario Curriculum through the Arts?
For September 2023-2024 we will be accepting 60 new students into our program; 30 in Grade 5 and 30 in Grade 6. 
Information Video:

Application Checklist

Please note: the Application Process is located in Edsby Registration.
  • January 17 - January 31 (no exceptions) - Registration Application Opens  
  • January 17 - January 31 (no exceptions) - 8 ½ x11 Student Submission page uploaded with application - 
  • February 13 - 17 - Collaborative Workshop (time slot) booking (link will be posted on the website)
  • February 21 - 24 - Collaborative Workshop (link for google meet will be email)
  • Feb 27 - email Term 1 Report Card - Learning Skills ONLY to  
  • March 6-10 - Acceptance or Decline (communicated through Edsby)

                                  Please monitor this website for process updates
Learning through the Arts
allows students to make specific and essential contributions to their intellectual and aesthetic developments. It allows learners to explore their feelings and values, to develop physical and perceptual skills and focuses on collaboration and how to look within. The arts help students to make meaning of many different aspects of life and to make connections between themselves and others. It stimulates imagination. 
Learning through the Arts, provides students with the opportunity to learn to think imaginatively, identify and solve problems, empathize with others, think critically, communicate effectively and appreciate the skills and accomplishments of others. Learning through the Arts and in a collaborative community, encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of identity
At Baythorn we believe that arts-related learning experiences make learning more effective and satisfying for children regardless of talent. Our belief is that knowledge of music, dance, drama, and visual arts contribute significantly to the development of well-rounded students. The arts are central to our school's teaching and learning and where possible and practical, the arts are used in teaching and reinforcing skills and concepts in other subjects. In addition, the students benefit from this enriched program.
The impact of the arts on achievement is worthwhile but it is important to note that it contributes to so much more when looking at the whole child. he impact of the arts on achievement is worthwhile but it is important to note that it contributes to so much more when looking at the whole child.
Learning through the Arts goes beyond creating more successful students.
Students who are successful in the Arts@Baythorn program who work well collaboratively. Take on tasks equally as contributors to the learning.
We believe that it creates more successful human beings.
Everyone is welcome to apply to Arts@Baythorn!


Do​ we submit everything at once?  January 31th is the deadline for the online registration in Edsby and at the same time you must attach an 8 ½  X 11 student submission.  Other important dates are listed above.   

How do we give you the student submission? You will upload the Student Submission during the Edsby Registration.   

Can I submit more than one submission?  If you submit more than one submission, only your first submission will be considered. Please do not include any photographs of yourself (the child). 
Do we get a confirmation email once we have completed the online application. Edsby will let you know where you are in the application process. It does show you when you have submitted the application. Please continue to refer back to the registration guide which is posted above.  
What if I forget to submit a report card or student submission?  You will need to make sure all parts are submitted on time in order to be considered for a virtual interview. 
How do I find out about the virtual Collaboration Workshop and the date?  Check back for a link on this website for more information about this part of the admission process.

Can I change the date for my virtual Collaborative Workshop?  Unfortunately, in order for us to accommodate all those who apply you must be ready for your workshop time and date. You will not be given a second date. 

My child has an IEP and is currently in the SCC program for language and math but learns better through music (loves to sing). Would this program support my child’s needs and be suitable for my child? We welcome students with IEPs, however the level of support for the Arts@Baythorn program is limited to REGULAR CLASS WITH INDIRECT SUPPORT.  All children accepted to the Arts@Baythorn will learn the Ontario Curriculum collaboratively through the Arts. As a result, this would be considered an enriched program where the workload is heavy. The students will only be supported by their homeroom and subject teachers. If your child requires academic support from a special education teacher, this program may not be suitable support for your child. 

When my child graduates from The Arts@Baythorn do they automatically get into one of the arts high schools or do they have to apply? Students transitioning from grade 8 to Grade 9 - high school always have to apply for any specialty program, including The Arts. So yes, they will have to apply for the specific arts discipline for high school.  

Do we have to wear dance clothes for dancing classes? No dance attire is not required, comfortable clothing (similarly to a gym class), bare feet or dance slippers are the norm. 

Is the workload comparable to any other school in YRDSB with respect to grade level? Or given the integration of the arts, is there a greater workload for students?  We follow the same Ontario Curriculum and YRDSB homework guidelines. With greater integration and collaboration, some students find it more intensive. With a focus on collaborative learning, students spend a great deal of class time learning cooperatively. Students who find success in this program are able to balance individual work habits, their learning skills and their use of class time. Successful students learn and apply the skills of collaborative learning and are able to interchange roles within a group to complete tasks as a whole. 

My child is shy and reserved when in a new environment and/or performing Drama & Dance; however, they are very passionate about Music and Visual Arts. They demonstrate many of the qualities you described in the presentation. Would they still be a good candidate for the program given their quiet and shy personality? As long as your child understands that they have to participate in all the art disciplines and work collaboratively. There also will be many opportunities where each child will have to present and or perform to demonstrate their understanding of a concept taught.    
How can I contact the before/after school care to enquire about fees and registration? The before and after care information is on our website. 

How does the Arts@ Baythorn accommodate students identified as 'gifted'?  We offer indirect support for students identified as gifted so again the homeroom teacher will work in consultation with the SERT. We do not have a specialized gifted program at Baythorn.   

If my child is accepted, how do I ge them to school if we live far away? How does carpool work? You will be asked by email to fill out a google form that will provide permission to share your location and availability for sharing the driving with other families. You (not the school) will contact families yourself to arrange your own transportation if you wish to participate. All students are expected to be on time for school regardless of the distance traveled. Siblings of students accepted will not be permitted to transfer to Baythorn for any reason. 

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