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On a snow day –

If buses are cancelled, but the school is open...

If buses are cancelled in the morning, they are also cancelled for the afternoon.

 For safety reasons, you may choose whether or not to send your child to school; however, if you keep him/her home, you MUST call the school and report the absence. Our Safe Arrival  Program dictates that we know where all absent students are – if we cannot reach you, we will  contact your emergency contact person. If we cannot reach that person, we are obligated to contact the police.

Once students arrive, they are expected to stay. Students are not allowed to come to the office and use the phone - a few hundred kids, 3 phone lines, 2 secretary (who are using all the phone lines to check on the absences) creates a great deal of confusion in the office. You can; however, make arrangements ahead of time to pick up your child at lunch.

When buses are cancelled :

· field trips will also be cancelled

· any special day (ie: Pajama Day) will be cancelled

· any planned lunches (ie: pizza day) will be cancelled

· NO Lunch Lady, Pasta Lunches, Sub Days or Pizza Lunches.

· it is the responsibility of parents to ensure the safe arrival and pick up of their children before 3:00 p.m.

· no a.m. bussing means no p.m. bussing

· depending on availability of staff, several classes may be combined and students will be offered a highly modified program

· students may not be with their own teachers or grade level

-Please send a lunch with your child.

Dress for the weather – bus cancellation does not mean automatic indoor recesses or early entry into the school.

If road conditions force the cancellation of bus services, the following stations will be informed as early as  possible, and will broadcast pertinent information to the  community.


AM640 – 640 AM           CHAY 93.1 FM              NEWS 680 AM               CHIN 1540 AM                       CJEZ 97.3 FM     

CJBC 860 AM                CHUM 104.5 FM            CHFI 98.1 FM                CFRB 1010 AM                      CKDX 88.5 FM  

CKFM 99.9 FM              CHUM 1050 AM            CBC 99.1 FM                 CHIN 100.7 FM              JACK 92.5 FM  

Q107 107.1 FM               Z103.5 FM                       CJCL 590 AM                 CJKX 89.9 FM                       95.9 FM  





You can also visit or contact the York Region Student Transportation   Services School Bus Information Line at 1-877-330-3001 for bus cancellation information.

Parents and students should plan an alternative place to go should bus service be cancelled or delayed, or should schools be forced to close due to an emergency.​

Let it Snow!

With the winter season upon us, people of all ages are looking forward to the joys of snow. Most children rank snowballing high on the list of fun winter activities. We have instructed all of our students that for SAFETY REASONS SNOW-BALLING IS FORBIDDEN. There may be times where a teacher may supervise a snow activity such as snow/ice sculpture building if conditions are appropriate; however, with the exception of these activities, and the making of snowmen or snow forts, SNOW MUST STAY OUT OF HANDS AND ON THE GROUND at all times.

Students are aware of the following consequences: detention/no snowballing assignment, warning letter going home, possible removal from the playground during recess(es), removal from class for restorative group work, temporary removal from school. We appreciate your support in all matters relating to your child(ren)’s safety. Please take time with your child to review this policy.

Cold Weather Wear

We wish to remind students that at Bogart P.S., we believe that children learn better when they receive regular intervals of exercise and fresh air. We send the children out for either a full or a shortened recess in every-thing but the most inclement weather. We ask that children are appropriately dressed for the weather: warm hat, gloves, scarf, coat, pants and boots at this time of year. 

Let's make winter fun at Bogart P.S!

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