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10 Ways to Encourage Summer Learning 427
10 Ways to Encourage Summer Learning
Summer is a great time for students to rest and recharge, but studies have shown that a month’s worth of knowledge can be lost over the summer. Find the right balance by checking out a few tips for keeping learning alive!
  1. If you give your child an allowance, have them track how much they receive, save, and spend. Open a bank account so they can watch their savings grow.
  2. Hold a yard sale or set up a lemonade stand. Let children set the prices and make change.
  3. During a road trip, teach children about maps, directions, distances and gas mileage. Allow children to plot the course of the trip on a map.
  4. Assign children the task of writing a grocery list. Take them with you to the grocery store and encourage them find the items on the list by reading signs and labels.
  5. Set aside 20 minutes every day for family reading (including parents).
  6. Have children record daily activities, thoughts, and exciting events in a notebook.
  7. Try geocaching! Search for hidden "caches" or containers using handheld GPS tools or a GPS app on your smart phone.
  8. Encourage children to write to grandparents, relatives and pen pals weekly.
  9. Create a plan for a vegetable garden. Research plant types and how to take care of them.
  10. Help your child find a recipe and make a meal using the vegetables from your garden or recent grocery trip.
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