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School Council 427
School Council
 Boxwood School Council 2020-2021







Dane Lawrence-Prince




Sancha Mahalingam



Manju Khera



Saquib Shaikh


Pirashanth​ KUGATHASAN 








​Suroj Shivraj

School Council Executive

Chair(s): TBD

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: TBD


School Council Meeting

Due to the school closure, School Council Meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Boxwood School Council Team Norms

Council Members as members of the council
  • All council members are equal
  • Every  member’s opinion will be thoughtfully considered
  • Each  member will keep all commitments by the agreed upon due date
  • Each  member agrees to constantly assess whether  members are honouring their commitment to the school council team norms
Council Member Communication
  • Members will speak respectfully to each other
  • Members will positively recognize and thank each other for their contributions
Council member interaction in Meetings
  • Members will listen without interrupting
  • Members will not hold side or competing conversations
  • Members will refrain from bringing personal agendas to school council meetings
  • Members will follow the meeting norms
  • The agenda will be forwarded to everyone on the council two days prior to the meeting
  • Minutes will be recorded at each meeting
  • We will make every effort to have meetings end on time
Council Organization and Function
  • Members will support each others work if someone is unable to follow through
  • Members will make every effort to come to meetings
Team Communication with other staff, community members and supervisors
  • Members will make certain they have agreement on what and when to communicate
  • Members will direct personal issues to the Principal not the school council
  • Members will treat other staff as well as community members with respect and courtesy
Team Problem solving, Conflict Resolution and decision making
  • Members will make decisions where possible by consensus
  • If consensus cannot be reached, majority will rule
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