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Future Careers

Do you know the economic benefits of Second-Language Learning?

  • Second-language skills are often highly valued and expected by potential employers
  • The ability to speak a second language often positively affects earnings both directly and indirectly through educational achievement, a wider range of opportunities for involvement in local and global markets, and signalling enhanced communicative and cognitive abilitites and skills to potential employers.
  • Second-language skills afford people greater mobility in both local and international markets
  • Employees who speak a second language often earn more than monolinguals
  • Second-language skills have large-scale economic benefits, as they make businesses more competitive in the global economy and boost international trade

(Literature Review on the Impact of Second-Language Learning, 2017)


How many languages do you know? How many languages are enough?!

Employers need people who can interact & communicate with clients worldwide.  If you are thinking about a future in...

  • international sales
  • import & export
  • travel & tourism
  • communications
  • broadcasting
  • software development
  • animation
  • research
  • health care
  • education
  • management
  • marketing executive
  • hospitality
  • government
  • international relations
  • diplomatic service officer
  • interpreter / translator
  • and MANY, MANY, MORE!!!
… then you need to think about learning another language to give you a competitive edge!
Put your French skills to work!
These links will help you find language-related jobs and information on working in countries where French is spoken. Live the language and work in a French environment!  More organizations are requiring multi linguistic skills, a deeper understanding of interculturalism and active engagement in international relations, business and development.
Writing a French Résumé ~ Le CV français Writing a French résumé: here are tips as to the basic requirements and formats, and several examples of French résumés.
Living + Working in France Many people dream of living and working in France. This site provides tips and strategies to make this dream a reality.
Ambassade de France The French Embassy in the US can be a source of helpful job info.‎ Apply for Jobs for English and French Bilinguals in Canada.‎
International Job Search Engines Links to the best international job search engines, from's guide to job searching.
Adecco Online recruiter for temps in France, plus info on writing your CV, working as a temp, etc. FRENCH ONLY.‎ ​​Online search engine for current jobs in Canada and abroad.
CareerBuilder Canada Search for jobs in Canada and post your resume. You can search in French or English.
 ​Search for jobs in Europe. Select a country and field and/or post your resume.
Manpower Search their French job listings by region or industry. FRENCH ONLY.
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