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Course Outlines

BOSS Physical Education Course Descriptions

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Healthy Active Living (9 - 12)

PPL1O / PPL2O - Healthy Active Living: Grades 9 and 10 - open level

This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improve personal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention. They will Investigate issues related to healthy sexuality and the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and will participate in activities designed to develop goal-setting, communication, and social skills.

 PPL1O Course Outline 2020-2021

PPL3O / PPL4O - Healthy Active Living: Grades 11 and 12 - open level

The focus in this course is on physical activity. At the same time, the courses will help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to lifelong participation in physical activity. Students will be encouraged to pursue physical activities outside the school program for personal fitness, health, and enjoyment.​


Fitness (10 - 12)

PAF2O8/9 - Personal Fitness

This is an introductory course in personal fitness activity. Students will engage regularly in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. The focus of this course is on understanding the principles of training and the development of individual programs. There will be an emphasis on cardio, strength training and participation in a variety of activities that enhance persona! competence, fitness and health

 PAF2O Fitness Outline 2020-2021

PAF 308/309 - Personal Fitness

This course helps students develop a personalized approach to healthy living. Throughout this course students will develop the skills necessary to take charge of and improve their own health, as well as to encourage others to lead healthy lives. The course focuses on fitness activities such as weight training, aerobics, running, circuit training, individualized programs and daily workouts.

PAF3O Fitness Outline 2020-2021

PAF 408/409 - Personal Fitness

This course focuses on the development of a healthy lifestyle and participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. The focus of this course is individual goal​ realization through participation and performance while engaging various aerobic and weight training activities.

     College / University
     PLFM4U - Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership: 
     University/College Preparation

This course enables students to explore the benefits of lifelong participation in active recreation and healthy leisure and to develop the leadership and coordinating skills needed to plan, organize, and safely implement recreational events and other activities related to healthy, active living. Students will also learn how to promote the benefits of healthy, active living to others through mentoring and assisting them in making Informed decisions that enhance their well-being. The course will prepare students for university programs in physical education and health and kinesiology and for college and university programs in recreation and leisure management, fitness and health promotion, and fitness leadership.

PLF4M Course Outline 2020-2021

PSK4U - Kinesiology: Grade 12 University Preparation

This course focuses on the study of human movement and of systems, factors, and principles involved in human development. Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sport, and the physiological, psychological, and social factors that influence an individual’s participation in physical activity and sport. The course prepares students for university programs in physical education and health, kinesiology, health sciences, health studies, recreation, and sports administration.​     

PSK Course Outline 2021

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