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Our Teaching Staff
Teaching Staff List 2020-2021

​ ​​To contact any of our staff members by email, the email address is (i.e.) (all lowercase). Names with hyphens or initials must have these included for the email to go through.

Staff Member Name Ext. # Department Email
Balzer, Michael 315 Math/EOP
Barber, Bill 300 Math/Physical Education
Barry, Miranda 340 Special Education
Bennett, Lisa 389 English/Family Studies
Berry, Michael 301 Computer Studies
Borovicka, Michelle 304 Co-op/Special Education
Bower, Jeff 303 History
Brewin, Gary 331 Science
Buie, Jim 517 Guidance
Bulmer, Linda 305 Science
Butler, Andrew 171 Co-op
Cairns, Christine 527 Special Education
Caswell, Dawn 306 Music
Caswell, Mark 307 Music
Chow, Lily 320 Math
Diceman, Marissa 378 Special Education
Earle, Owen 313 Math
Elliott, Sarita 314 Math
Eros, Wendy 419 Tech. Studies
Etchverry.Serena 529 Student Success/Literacy
Feasby, Mike 316 Physical Education
Fife, Graham 317 Drama/English/Alt. Ed.
Flowers, Donna 343 Family Studies
Gasteiger, Martin 318 History/Special Education
Grapsas, Vicki 319 French
Green, Julie 379 Special Education
Hamid, Karl  526 Library/History
Hartslief, Steve 321 Physical Education/Alt. Ed.
Hennemann, Lisa 323 Family Studies/History
Ho, Vivian 334 Science
Hobbs, Laura 310 Special Education
Hodgins, Robert 325 English
Howard, Carey 326 Visual Arts
Howard, Phil 327 Alternate Education
Hsia, Leon Li-Wen 328 Math
Hubbell, Nicole 329 Science
Inot-Llaneta, Joyce 366 English
Ioannou, David 401 History/Business
Ip, Diana 351 Special Education
Johnson, Julie 332 Science
Keyes-Renaud, Jesse 376 English
Kerhoulas, Erika 518 Guidance
Khalighi, Alison 347 Tech. Studies
Lam, Linda 352 Math/Science
Lavalle, Greg 417 Drama/Special Education
Lovell, Christina 350 Business Studies
Macdonald, John 337 Geography
Macgregor, Andrew 364 Tech. Studies
McGill, Gabrielle 516 Guidance
McGinnis, Brian 338 EOP/Alternate Education
McGuigan, Kelvin 408 French
McLaren, Douglas 339 Latin/English
McLean, Heather 400 English
McNeilly, Teesha 311 French/Guidance
More, Dustin 415 Tech. Studies
Morris, Greg 344 History
Morrison, Jaylene 345 Physical Education
Nemeth, Gabe 330 Tech. Studies
Nieh, Roger 346 Science
Patterson, Dwayne 348 Tech. Studies
Pattison, Chris 349 History
Puri, Deepika 407 Special Education
Raffoul, Michael 354 Math
Rass, Allison 322 Geography
Rosalle, Georgia 355 Visual Arts
Rumleskie, Rosemarie 356 Family Studies/Special Education
Sampson, Nicole 382 Science/Student Success
Sasso, Cassandra 420 English
Sebastian, Allison 353 Alternate Education/Guidance
Sewell, Mark 357 Science
Sharma, Shallu 381 Business Studies/Math
Stetina, Gary 409 Special Education
Stewart, Chris 404 Special Education/Geography
Subramanian, Aarthi 410 Special Education
Thomas, Gail 361 Science
Ting, Shirley 362 Science
Tizzard, James 333 Special Education
Tsang, Michelle 418 Math
Tunnicliff, Alison  363 English
Vather, Kirthi 365 Business Studies
Webber, Colleen 368 Business Studies
Weinstein, Marc 519 Guidance/SHSM
Whittaker, Shelley 370 Physical Education
Zafirovski, Danielle 372 Visual Arts/ESL

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