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History 405

The history courses offered to MCI students are available at the University, College & Workplace level.


What to expect in History class



  • a focus on themes and/or chronology in Canadian history
  • variety of activities including: simulations, role-plays, note taking, lecture
  • you are expected to complete homework, but material will always be reviewed in class​
  • a mix of hands on and reading/writing activities, simulations and role plays
  • enriched learning activities including field trips and guest speakers​

Evaluation and Assessment

  • large projects that are completed with minimal teacher involvement
  • includes assignments like: debates, argumentative essay writing, create a historical newspaper
  • large unit tests
  • projects designed in "chunks" so there are opportunities for teacher support
  • includes assignments like: writing in role, designing an essay outline, write a newspaper article, design a poster​
  • a variety of assignments are evaluated (including presentations, creative writing, art pieces, essays and tests)

Key skills focus

  • critical thinking
  • effective essay writing
  • research and note taking
  • detecting bias in primary and secondary source material
  • literacy skills (including reading comprehension, writing with proper paragraph structure, reading from a variety of sources)​
  • development of reading and writing skills (essay structure, academic readings, independent research)

Academic Classes

Designed for students who:
  • plan to take University or College courses
  • conduct research and other learning tasks with a minimal amount of direction
  • effectively structure arguments with supporting evidence
  • are working at refining literacy skills
  • a significant part of the background material will be covered at home as part of your homework

Applied Classes

Designed for students who:
  • plan to take Workplace or College courses
  • conduct guided research with teacher support
  • want to develop literacy skills

College Preparation

Designed for students who:
  • plan to attend college or university
  • complete homework regularly
  • read and understand a variety of types of readings 

University Preparation

Designed for students who:
  • plan to attend university
  • complete homework nightly (especially independent reading)
  • read and understand a variety of types of readings including scholarly journal articles and primary source documents
  • conduct independent research with minimal teacher support





Voicemail Ext​

​Jamie Glass 351​ ​4632
​Andrew Mein 351​ ​4660
​Catherine Mobilos ​351 ​4630
​Mattew Peter ​125 ​4601
​Heather Prisloo ​311 4658​
​Dimitra Zissopoulos (Department Head) 351​ ​4604


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