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Principal's Message 361
Principal's Message

March 21, 2014
Re: Safety for our children
In some schools, the parking lot is simply closed and parents have to figure out how they will drop off/pick up their child(ren). We have not yet reached that point and we are very fortunate for the numerous parents who follow the law, stop at stop signs, drive the speed limit and yield appropriately to share the road. We still need to do a better job, so as adults, we set a better example for Nellie children.
As a school we will:
·        put up more signs to indicate where you can park/stop
·        Contact the Town of Vaughan to enforce the law and issue tickets as required
As parents/guardians you will:
·        Promote walking/riding a bike to school
·        Drive at the appropriate speed
·        NEVER leave your car running (IDLE) and pollute the air
·        NEVER block traffic by stopping to unload or pick up your child(ren)
·        In the morning around 9:00am, you may stop both on the north and south curb area of the kiss and ride by the Kindergarten fenced area but NEVER blocking the crosswalk (like the truck in this photo)
·        At the end of the day 3:30pm (dismissal), ONLY park on the south side of the curbed area of the kiss and ride
South side ONLY
Parking on the south side gives us a sightline for student dismissal and creates a safe distance between children and cars.
In addition…….
·        NEVER ever block the bus entrance or exit.
Parking tickets and traffic violations can cost you anywhere
 from $30 to $2000.
Disobeying stop sign = $85+3 demerit points+3years on your record
Careless driving = $400 to $2000+6 demerit points+possible license suspension+possible improsnment+3years on your record
Distracted driving fine (cell phone while driving) = $280 +
We MUST work together to model healthy routes to school as well as ensure students are safe as they travel to and from school.
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