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Begin the research process by choosing a topic and developing a question to guide research​.


Grade 9 & 10​ Grade 11 & 12
​​​Information Literacy: ​​


    §  define and understand the assignment requirements

    §  ​generate a list of potential keywords, phrases and questions related to a topic

    §  identify the types of information required (facts, opinions, pictures, statistics etc.) with the help of a graphic organizer and teacher guidance

    §  understand the difference between questions and statements

    §  develop a research question with teacher guidance

    §  relate prior knowledge to research task


    §  create a research plan using organizers, templates, checklists​


Digital Literacy
  • use meta search engines (Yippy, Dogpile, Meta-Eureka, IxQuick) to develop list of topic keywords & phrases​



Information Literacy

§  formulate research questions based on assigned topic or text, interests, issues, and preliminary research.

§  develop  and refine the research question independently with limited teacher guidance

§  create a self-directed action plan for research 

Digital Literacy:

  • ​use subject directories (Infomine, IPL2, Virtual ​Reference Shelf) to develop research question




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